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We know this not science based at all. For the first time in my life, I’m feeling a certain way.


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It’s all in the roadmap for the EU steamroller, do not expect PHET bots to depart one inch from the EU meisterplan

12 months left to flatten the member states

full name


That’s for posting that.

I think I linked to it or a version of it in the past. This one looks more detailed. It demonstrates the 18/19 pre planning for the rollout of the plandemic final solutions.


Last drafted before coronavirus was even a glint in the eye of some dirty bat in Wuhan, China


Same with some of the HSE online C19 info had a publish date of 2019. Think we linked to it before using the way back machine, indicated a 2019 existence.


Here is something interesting. The relevant EU regulating authority, the EMA, which is not like the FDA but some weird EU camel agency publishes online both the agenda and minutes for all regulatory meetings that are part of the EU regulatory process for EU wide distribution of medical products. The minuets give both which committee members were present and which experts were used to review the materials present by those seeking regulatory approval. The committee being just two senior’ish people from EU countries regulatory agency almost none having any specialist knowledge of the products being review.

To be found here.

Now here is the funny thing about the Pfizer vaccine. It was not reviewed for Marketing Approval during one of the normal meetings but at an “Extraordinarily Meeting” for which neight the agenda or minutes cane be found. At least I could not find them.

What makes this even odder is that a quick look through the minutes of committee mettings in 2020/21 show lots of “COVID” related items on the agenda and in the minutes.

This is starting to look like the FDA’s politically motivated press release which very deliberately tried to make it look like what was purely an administrative approval (BPA) of the Pfizer vaccine which was not being used in the US at the time was somehow the same as actual full regulatory approval (505(b)1) of the one that is actually used, which is usually a 4 to 6 year process. For which the Pfizer vaccine only completes the first phase of the FDA 505(b)1 process in March 2023.


Most EMA documents regarding the Pfizer vaccine are here.

Comirnaty | European Medicines Agency (

No minutes but there are documents released on the 21st and 23rd of December 2020.


By the way, yesterday the EMA recommended approval of 2 monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid.

I haven’t noticed this reported elsewhere yet.

COVID-19: EMA recommends authorisation of two monoclonal antibody medicines | European Medicines Agency (


Thats just the usual boiler plate stuff. Although the risk management plan has a bit more detail than published elsewhere. But not much. The reason for the lack of minutes etc is interesting is because that contains the who and the what. Who was there. Who was the experts. And most importantly who had conflict of interests. For a start the minutes would tell you how many of the experts had NDA’s etc. Plus there would be enough of the what was discussed to get a feel for how much of a rubber stamp operation it was.

The reason I was looking is because of the bizarre behavior of the FDA safety committee on the same subject. Basically they rubber stamped the EUA’s in a very detached way as if to put distance between them and the likely long term results. From a legal liability point of view that was the only way out for the committee members. It was not just the senior FDA vaccine people who resigned. A lot of mid level FDA people seem to have made sure they were nowhere near that decision. It was 100% politically driven and the normal FDA processes even in the expedited EUA form were ignore. The H1N1-09 Influenza A vaccine in 2009 was the last time the FDA did a high profile EUA for immediate public health use. And the paper trial back in 2009 looked nothing like the current one for BNT162b1/2

Kinda makes one suspicious.


Don’t let the puppets trigger and waste your personal and genuine ire!

It’s equal opportunities, they’re all saps tbh, but that’s not news is it?


There is one: monoionic silver water (water from Wicklow Mountains creek stored in the silver container stirred with bronze, brass, silver or gold spoon, kept at the Sun and Moon light overnight).
Silver vessels can be bought from Scandinavian antique auction houses at more or less scrap value. Sometimes something pops up at Adverts but rare. Don’t buy at Weirs they will charge 5 times metal value there.

There is two: artisan continental garlic tincture in 40-50% vodka (Finlandia and Absolut are to the standard, Polish Vodkas sold here are a poison). This takes 1 month to mature (minimum). You’ll need 2 batches: one maturing in full sunlight the other in the moonshine.

There is three: lemon or lime juice.
Edit: still some rose fruits left in the hedges. Soak them in vodka for few weeks. One tumbler gives you enough natural vit c for a day.

With these 3 and detoxification of one’s body with minimum healthy diet which is very easy in Ireland (plenty of best quality food in Europe) there is no need for ANY supplements, especially the rat poison called vit D.



Official figures still trending down.

Tokyo reports 22 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 201

Nov. 12 04:45 pm JST 12 Comments

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 22 new coronavirus cases, down nine from Thursday and three down from last Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is eight, one down from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 87, down five from Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 201. The number of coronavirus-related deaths was one.


My favourite comment ot the article:

Mr KiplingNov. 12 05:41 pm JST

High rates of vaccination and mask wearing and a very low numbers of anti vaccine conspiracy theorists… Are you watching the rest of the world?

Its that easy.

But but but…


Quiet Now

Japan to remove spectator limit for large-scale events even in virus state of emergency

Nov. 12 04:47 pm JST 20 Comments


Japan plans to remove the spectator attendance limit for large-scale events and allow venues to be filled to capacity even under a COVID-19 state of emergency by using a system to check whether visitors have been vaccinated or have tested negative for the virus, government sources said Friday.

Under the current guidelines, attendance at large-scale events such as professional sports games and concerts is capped at 5,000 spectators or 50 percent of venue capacity, whichever is larger.

As new and serious COVID-19 cases have sharply fallen across the country recently, the > government will revise the guidelines after hearing the opinions of coronavirus experts possibly on Nov 19, the sources said.

The current capping on event spectators will be lifted if event organizers submit to prefectural governments their own anti-virus plans, such as banning loud cheers, the sources said.

If organizers do not use the system to confirm proof of vaccination or a negative virus test, an attendance cap at 10,000 spectators during a virus state of emergency and 20,000 under a quasi-state of emergency will be implemented.

In addition, the government will also ease restrictions on dining establishments.

Restaurants and bars recognized by local governments for taking proper measures to prevent the spread of virus will be allowed to open until 9 p.m. and serve alcohol even under a state of emergency, while no restrictions will be applied for such establishments under a quasi-state of emergency.

If business operators confirm a customer’s proof of vaccination or negative virus test result on site, the request for limiting group sizes to four people per table will be removed.

Travelers holding proof of vaccination or a negative virus test result will be able to cross prefectural borders freely even under a state of emergency, the sources said. Under the previous virus emergencies, people were asked to refrain from making nonessential outings.


Lots of carrot and stick gong on there too.



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The unhelpful information. Apologies, moreover misleading .


Fascinating statements from Luke O’Neill PhD. Echoes of Brian Cowen in 2009 “small open economy” “South Korea”, “we all partied”. Instead the coming defence for the failure will be “we locked down hard in 2020, because everyone was. We jabbed in 2021, because everyone was”

Prof O’Neill said “we simply don’t know” what’s behind the surge in cases in Ireland despite the fact the country has one of the highest rates of vaccination in the world.

Interesting. Ideas man has no theories he wants to share.

“I think people want clearer guidelines,” Prof O’Neill said.
Prof O’Neill said he believes a lockdown would be a “complete failure” but said further restrictions on society may be needed to protect our healthcare system as if that collapses, “it’s a complete disaster for everybody”.

A failure by whom ? A failure of what? “The Strategy” I suppose

The reintroduction of restrictions is happening all over Europe, Prof O’Neill said, but added Ireland probably shouldn’t go the route of Austria which has instituted a lockdown for unvaccinated people. This would lead to social conflict, Prof O’Neill said.


Prof O’Neill said Covid is a seasonal virus “for definite” and that a minor return to some restrictions may be needed for the next two or three months.

But whose failure would that be?

“Then, when we get to February or March it’s a different story,” he said.
The biggest surprise is that immunity against Covid-19 wanes so quickly, Prof O’Neill said, adding that Ireland should exude the same level of intensity with boosters to people over 50 in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19

Should that waning of vaccination immunity for these new vaccines for a novel virus really have been a “big surprise” to a professor of immunology?
Will the under 60s really accept neverending vaccination? Or might that lead to “social conflict”?

4th Quarter Lockdown 2021 - YELLOW ALERT

He’d some great ideas last year all the same - grandad by the open window for Crimo grub - demonstrating how to make tea safely - the roll around safe gig bubbles- A family member last week over dins - at least we have some top clever scientists like Dr Luke :+1:

What a complete fcuking tool. His stupid fcuking giddiness around the vaccines last year. Must have been a huge disappointment for the Clown that they’ve not worked as well - sap.