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As for the US the FDA states plainly at its official website in “Conducting Clinical Trials”:

“Although “new” may imply “better,” it is not known whether the potential medical treatment offers benefit to patients until clinical research on that treatment is complete. Clinical trials are an integral part of new product discovery and development and are required by the Food and Drug Administration before a new product can be brought to the market.”

The FDA states:

“Potential treatments, however, must be studied in laboratory animals first to determine potential toxicity before they can be tried in people.”

According to the clinical trials service clinical trials using animals, before a drug or vaccine is tested on people, last three to six years. The average time for bringing any new drug or vaccine to general use is 10 years.

Both the Pfizer and the Moderna products now being forced upon the population, in a manner which far overreaches settled law around the legality of requiring vaccinations or drugs, are in the middle of clinical trials which the FDA approved, which require Phase III data to be collected until near the end of 2022 at the earliest. Thus the FDA is violating its own rules and regulations, which have the force of law through the agency’s enabling congressional legislation.

Source: comment in Telegraph 17/11/21


What makes the situation even worse is the FDA legal framework for approval is very strict which is why all previous HCOV vaccines and mRNA vaccines did not progress beyond Stage I / Early Stage II trials. They were technically abandoned but actually there was zero chance of a Phase III trial going ahead with out being stopped midway for safety (legal liability) reasons. All current SARs Cov 2 mRNA vaccines have exactly the same kind of Phase I/II trial numbers as previous candidates which were abandoned. All of them.

As for the legal basis for mandates in the US. There is none. All are based on a very deliberate misreading of the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts case. Which stated that it was constitutional for a state to levy a nominal fine for refusal to take a vaccine. Thats all. No powers to the Federal government. No state right to mandate coercive vaccination. Quite the opposite.

Where things get really interesting legally is the Emergency declaration that gave the FDA the power to give EUA’s. As I think I mentioned before, the powers claimed are not in the Act of Congress quoted, except in the case of actual biological warfare attack.

Thats going to be a fun one for the Feds lawyers to argue when it gets to court, which it will eventually.


Here is a casualty of the Clinical Trials speaking, some of the participants based on her testimony committed suicide as living with the effects and lack of support was overwhelming, and that is what they have put into families and the people we love, done right across the world, billions:

Make you wonder about:

A) The rush for the “dignity deaths”

B) The rush for legislation about protesting outside “homes” of the perps.

C) No politician pressing the “hang on a sec” button when requirement of legal immunity largesse to the corps was required.

The World will not be the same after this - It will never be 2019 again.

It can be better than this too. It really can and it will.


Merkel must know that the Irish experience shows this statement is wrong. But her opponents are even worse people.

Merkel appealed to vaccine-sceptics to change their minds and called for a speedier distribution of booster shots.
Merkel told a congress of German city mayors:

The fourth wave is hitting our country with full force. The number of daily new infections is higher than ever before… and the daily death toll is also frightening.

It is not at all too late to decide for a first vaccination. If enough people get vaccinated that is the way out of the pandemic.

Only 68% of people in Europe’s most populous country are fully vaccinated - lower than the average in western Europe due to a tradition of vaccine hesitancy, while 5% of the population has had a booster shot.

The Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats, who aim to form the next government, will also propose measures to fight the pandemic in a draft law to go to parliament on Thursday.
That would replace emergency powers, due to end on 25 November, which provide a national legal framework for restrictions. Merkel’s conservatives want to extend these powers instead.


We can look at plenty of countries to see it’s wrong, so can Germany, so could US. MSM & politicians don’t want to know. They have their 4am talking points.


Yea this is clustering around a whole bunch of other things, things that are going on in the US, going on in the world, were there is no ONE VOICE messaging to frame teh narrative, things about to come to fruit, or each time they seem to come to fruit. One side often tries and appears to often succeed to make the other miss-step, I think they just mis-stepped again, and the people noticed.


Austria: police and army may not be down with the tyranny after all.


Sweden to introduce Covid-19 vaccination pass on 1 December


100% of deaths from covid are in vaccinated people-just look at that big fat narrative destroying 0% next to unvaccinated…


Yep. But the lying continues. On the network radio news just now they’re still doing cumulative look-backs to April when announcing the % of vaccinated in ICU.


Right on Cue

100% Christmas gift scarcity marketing ploy.

Thousands of over 60s who had to wait for second jab left in booster limbo

…Kingston Mills, Professor of Experimental Immunology at Trinity College, said yesterday he saw a case for expediting their booster shot in light of the Christmas socialising risk and he believed it would be safe for this age group to get vaccinated before then.


This deserves to be seen widely.

It could be an outlier but really this is a cause for personal optimism - the disease has never been less of a relative threat to the unvaccinated.

I wonder how malevolent the health bureaucracy will get in order to massage numbers and avoid criminal charges? They’ll need to let a lot of sick vaxxed die on wards and in nursing homes without seeing the inside of ICU? They’ll need to let sick unvaccinated linger unattended but then be moved into ICU when death is certain so they get added to the count? 'The unvaccinated we’re seeing are so much sicker’


Somebody here mentioned that unvaccinated women in maternity hospitals were being put in ICU for no real medical reasons. Those stats are proof of that fraud. All things being equal, people who are sick enough for ICU have about an 80% survival rate.

Mortality is high in patients requiring admission to critical care (ICU or HDU); 13% of admitted patients died in ICU/HDU nationally, and a further 6% died after discharge from the Unit, before discharge from hospital.


From my admittedly limited knowledge, it is the more junior ranks that wrote the covid patient pathways and protocols. Senior level front line staff rather than upper management (Manager 1, 2 3 etc). Consultants deferred to ICU and respiratory specialists. Few bad actors or politicians at that level.





Following up on that


known Covid positive and are deteriorating”. And if they are unvaccinated “we can already plan their trajectory. We know it is going to be worse.”_

So shove them in ICU to keep them safe? Perhaps if I need care, I can take comfort from the fact that I’ll have no problems getting an ICU bed simply because I’m unvaxxed?

“She describes two patients presenting with similar respiratory symptoms; one vaccinated, the other not. Unless they have a major illness, the vaccinated person will “feel like they’ve had a head cold, they have a cough, they’ve got aches and pains”. Almost always, they can go home for rest, fluids and paracetamol.”_

"And if you get to that stage, where they have a really bad X-ray” showing “Covid pneumonitis, they’re going to be in ICU for 10 days at a minimum, and sometimes much longer. They’ll get better. But after you’ve had a prolonged ICU stay there are lots of complications. You have to learn to do everything again.”_

Unlike the vaxxed group. No mention of who’s dying.

“It’s a pandemic, this time round, of the unvaccinated. They’re the people who are very sick and are taking up that that higher percentage of ICU care, critical care, emergency resuscitation care.”_

Yet 0% of the recent deaths but “very sick” compared to the vaxxed.

"O’Loughlin worries about the impossible decisions that he and others in his position may soon face. “We’ve obvious problems around who gets the ICU beds – Covid or non-Covid? If it’s Covid, is it vaccinated or unvaccinated? They’re really, really, really terrible questions to think about.”_

I don’t think anybody’s suggesting that any of these docs are lying, but rather leaving out some of the unhelpful information?


Not even headline news.

Tokyo reports 16 coronavirus cases

Today 04:45 pm JST 15 Comments


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday reported 16 new coronavirus cases, unchanged from Friday and down eight from last Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is nine, unchanged from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 62, down 14 from Friday.



I had a look but could not find any age breakdown on the HSE “positive” test numbers

Meanwhile over in Norway with 1/3 the number of tests we find…


Now that to me looks like 80% plus of the positives are in children and younger people who are at almost zero risk of an serious infection. So unless the test positive is a true infection (<5%) and living in the same home as a high risk old person there is zero risk of community or even cluster spread from almost all those positives.

And in Finland pretty much the same demographic spread. With 10 times the testing rate of Ireland


So not just a casedemic but the most fucking stupid sort of casedemic.