Coronavirus 2020



Not a surprise, but interesting to have instincts confirmed.


Here are some interesting screen shots.

Lots of data on SARs CoV2

Almost nothing on 229E or OC43…

Where this gets interesting is that this is the database that is used to decide which unique patterns to match in the PCR test. The current PCR test uses molecular patterns that dont show up in the database.

All four HCOV’s has been spinning of variants every few weeks to month for decades, centuries. And almost none are in the genomic data base used to check if the three PCR match probes are unique.

98% specificity my arse…



Fauci spills the beans.



Robert Malone now in Twitter Hall of Fame.

I was expecting a clamp down around now and early January in advance of the January UnSurprise.


Let me be the first to note, that, the internet is now in the last stage of it’s “AAM” ban phase, and believe me, there is not one pin waiting in the wings but many many many new pins, with tens of millions, even hundred of millions resident or about to find new digs in all kinds of places.

That’s when you might see things go dark, because that is all the Menace will have left to try and stop the Tsunami of Freedom.




I suspect the answer is along the lines that:-
a, omicron is significantly different to the original kung flu that the vaccine was developed to fight.
b, by hijacking the immune system it has left people defenceless against other similar viruse.
c, it prevented people building up natural immunity against variants.


Appears to be OAS/ADE ?


Might be the reason why?


Anti vax protest in Milton Keynes, unfortunately some went too far.

Thus giving the protest a bad press! (something that will be amplified as much as possible)


Intravenous drip gets closer, down to 9 weeks now😁


Intravenous! Well that’ll sort them out, I can’t think of a quicker way to fill the hospitals!


The “expert” quoted in the article is some woman with a PhD in “Food Science” who writes papers based on her very deep medical knowledge like

The role of sport in coping and resilience amongst resettled South Sudanese youth in Australia.

She has less than zero relevant medical or scientific expertise.

The other “expert” quoted is just some recent post grad in applied mathematics. Nothing more.


Here is a pdf of the internal Pfizer safety report…





WW :whistle:



Simply the Best

The chief medical officer, Dr Tony Holohan has said the reopening of schools next week will remain under review, however, the plan at present is that they will return as planned.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio’s Morning Ireland, Dr Holohan also admitted that if the Omicron surge continues then “it may well be the case” that the current advice on antigen testing may need to change.

Dr Holohan said case numbers for school age groups had been falling in December, adding that he was not aware of any other country which had moved to close schools.


Hey Tones, perhaps that’s because for some weird reason in December children are on Holidays for a few weeks, free from the daily Tones Torture Tests! :icon_beer:

On the school tangent, maybe someone can confirm this - is it true when a teacher books a bogus PCR test, when they input their career, the “close contacts” fields are not available to them, sounds innovative no? :man_shrugging: