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None of these regimes are legitimate in the slightest.

Theatre of authority, with some quality tells in their if you can spot them, also listen to the dialogue, one voice speaking, so many regimes in sync, swap out the talking head for another, no difference.

All faking it until they think they can make it.




Interesting to read these two pieces in succession. This Ruairi Brugha guy is a very dangerous person I think. Special Criminal Court may be needed ! Or Central Mental Hospital !


Macron really is a sad little facist (presume the attacks on his partner have been in part responsible for this absurd outburst):


Rte writes “hassle them”, when this story broke yesterday, it was “piss them off”

French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview with @le_Parisien says of the unvaccinated: “I really want to piss them off… so we’re going to continue to do it, until the end, that’s the strategy”.


There is no beating about the bush about what is going on any more. Especially when they keep telling you they are waging WAR against you.

The behaviour of these regimes indicates they have no notion of genuine elections up ahead, because clear as it was even in 2020 it must be be deal as set now, few if any could win a genuine election.

It’s not even possible to have an I rigged it unmolested election since there is no neutral fourth estate, there is only the one voice media, if there ever was it was an illusion or a temporary oversight.

They know either they go or the people go and the they being The Menace knows it’s to the death so it started the killings first.


Is this genuine, hard to imagine a 40% increase. Last time I looked at ONS, it was approx 16% in UK.


In fairness he said he won’t incarcerate them. He’s all heart this guy…

“I won’t send [unvaccinated people] to prison,” he said. “So we need to tell them, from 15 January, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. You will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theatre. You will no longer be able to go to the cinema.”

The word used by Mr Macron - emmerder - is a vulgar term meaning to annoy and, four months before the French presidential election, it prompted a strong reaction from opposition politicians.


One more. A lie. He is not seeking. Biden said it last night. Lock step regimes.

Pfizer via Pfizer contract sets and dictates what it’s regimes are doing and the Minister for Pfizer here, Stephen Donnelly is following orders.

This media are but a theatre of legitimacy.

Health Minister seeking to purchase €90m worth of Covid anti-viral pills

Globalist Occupational forces via Pharma fronts and processing operations both call & deliver the shots.


UnCitizened @disclosetv


NEW - Emmanuel Macron denounced France’s 5 million unvaccinated as “non-citizens” and vows: “I really want to piss them off. And so we will continue to do so, to the bitter end. That’s the strategy.” (Le Parisien)


I guess that makes them WAR refugees.


I’m vaccine free and not unvaccinated.


This is 100% election politics. Macron must be completely desperate if he is threatening to “fuck with” the unvaccinated.

Macron will only have a chance of wining the Presidential election if Le Pen gets though to the second round and there is a very low turn out. Like last time. But Le Pen is running fourth in the polls as Zemmour has totally bolloxed her campaign.

Macron has only one solid voting block, the urban affluent middle classes who are totally Covidian believers. Every other voting group loathes Macron. Macron’s public health policy for the last year has been purely to keep his last strong supporting group of voters happy. No other reason. One of his senior advisors said as much several months ago.

The election is in April. So just 12 more weeks of this Enarque public health fascism.


Stuck on 50/50 it seems.

Mehole: "However, he said: “In terms of the ICUs, it still seems that the bulk of the ICU cases are Delta cases. They’re complex, severe illness in many cases, and that is the feedback I’ve received from the HSE clinicians”. He said medics had told him that those unvaccinated in ICU “invariably” were telling medical teams caring for them that they regret not getting the vaccine.

According to figures supplied by HSE chief executive Paul Reid to Mr Martin on Wednesday morning, 54 per cent of those in intensive care are from the small percentage of the population who are still unvaccinated.

“That’s a very high figure, that’s about five per cent of the population [causing] 54 per cent of ICUs,” Mr Martin said."



They did in their gender-fluid bollox, because this is the Menace Script, they ran this over the summer in the US, and documented here and elsewhere.

The reason they must have waited until now and to elevate it at this headline figurehead level, using “the leader” of the Regime, is because the level of regret of those who took the injection may be reaching a critical mass, the aim is to dominate and own the word “regret” (especially for search engine searches, which are biased toward the lie), so the idea that people now regret getting the vaccine is 2nd place in mass perception or does not register at all (search results again, due to recency bias of results), since the majority will not hold such oppositional ideas in their mind at once, so easily.

People regret getting the vaccine. That is true.

They need to bury the truth to gain traction.

How do they bury the truth, why with a BIG PORKIE PIE!

They are beyond obese at this stage.


He said medics had told him that those unvaccinated in ICU “invariably” were telling medical teams caring for them that they regret not getting the vaccine.

And what, I wonder, do the 46% who were vaccinated and end up in ICU “invariably” tell the medics?

“That’s a very high figure, that’s about five per cent of the population [causing] 54 per cent of ICUs,” Mr Martin said."

So that’s, what, about 45 people? Being helped to survive by ICU care.
And what about the 94 who’ve died from vaccination (until reporting miraculously plateaued), not to mention vaccine injured. It’s a much tinier percentage of the population (a percentage containing Mr. Martin) who are responsible for those.

Does he seriously expect us to follow a logic that implies that if no adult were vaccinated here there would be thousands in ICU right now? (even when a more severe variant spread in an unvaxxed population last Christmas, it only resulted in similar figures in ICU).

The incessant pushing of just one side of the picture by politicians is getting annoying now.



What happens when all the experienced lab techs take their Christmas holidays and leave the junior lab techs to run the testing labs for two weeks.

Christmas Holidays 2020

Christmas Holidays 2021

So based on last year expect the numbers of “positives” to fall quickly in the next week or so. Unless the PCR reagents are totally bollocked and all HCOV’s and few miscellaneous other virus’s give a 2 probe match.


Think those are the same data graph just offset.


Control measures

Archived link:



Yesterday’s story about Delta still being the main scariant was as close an admission that omicron was a con job - Now RTE following through to whack another mole revisionist relativism:

Why Covid infections among the triple-vaxxed shouldn’t alarm you

Opinion: nobody has claimed that Covid vaccines provide sterilising immunity, but they have proven to be very good at preventing severe disease

On the surface, it appeared that the vaccines were not working. But this depends on how vaccine protection is defined.