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The last podcast is from February. He was amazing. When the War started his weakly shows became 4 hours long. Friend from TheIrishSentinel recommended him to me.
Hundreds of hours on YT channel Debess. Any idea why he died? Some say suicide, some say natural causes.

He is also here


According to the HSE’s official statistics SARs CoV 2 is about 10 times less dangerous than the common cold. I cannot be more accurate thna that because it seemed no one could be arsed to work out and publich the CFR for common cold virus like rhinovirus.

According to the HSE the CFR (not the IFR) for SARs CoV 2 is around 0.0052%…

950K cases divided by 5K deaths is a very very small number.

And todays HSE positive rate is 50%. In Norway its under 20%. In Denmark its around 10%.

My guess is the HSE labs are using up all their old PCR reagents, the ones that dont work at all for the new variants. Those reagent kits arent cheap you know.


We are so lucky that it was mutated in Mice and not elephants!

MERS was apparently mutated in camels and had a 40% death rate.


Yes my mistake, conflating date death with last broadcast. No idea, but i think he was in his early 70’s, perhpas he served his time. Did what he came her to do. Got call back and ticket home.


Super video of virtually every talking head saying the vaccines would stop transmission…


Prob doesn’t belong here but anyway,



I’m not sure it belongs anywhere.


Can’t be arsed to comment…


Fuck me, I’ve never see such arse covering as I am seeing in this article, it leaves everything open to interpretation while completely obscuring the facts behind a sensational headline.


What have I told you before. Headlines are black magic. The spell is cast there. The rest is filler, or the headline is the parasitic meme.

Like I always say read the end first. To get the real story. You won’t go wrong. They can’t hide the truth but they can try to bury it.

It’s very hard to compare this time last year when nobody had a vaccine to now so it’s hard to know for certain.”

Thaw piece seems like it was heavily edited chopped, basically tortured truth.

The consultant said the data is “a little bit premature” on the Omicron variant, and although it appears to be less severe than previous strains it is hard to compare hospital numbers from this January to last as we are now dealing with a largely populated country.

“The data is a little premature but when we look across where it has been more prevalent like South Africa it would suggest that it is predominantly infectious so it can get around the place,” he said.


Guardian explains


Chubby woman writes article blaming “the unvaccinated”.

Now if they start writing articles blaming “the unslender” I will listen


More 40%

40% day…



Is that what was meant by a “largely populated country”, because I’m still trying get my head round that one. :hamburger: :fries: :cup_with_straw:



From the Guardian.

“Covid-19 seems to have multiplied the death rate by a similar amount for most adults in the UK,” said Dr Helen Strongman, an epidemiologist on the study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. “It really exploits any frailty or health or demographic risk factor. It picks on people who are already at risk of ill health or death more than other people in the population.”

Something that has been known since day 1 of the pandemic, politicians really need to be grilled on why they demanded vaccinations for all based on this data.


The disclaimer from the original document as they install the mirrors and light the smoke.

We present data on COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status. This
raw data should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness as the data does not take
into account inherent biases present such as differences in risk, behaviour and testing in the
vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.

Their findings are based on the Delta variant, not the omicron that has now mostly displaced Delta.


In other words before March 2020 a death from SARS CoV was mostly ARDS as part of severe pneumonia. After 2020 almost all excess deaths for no matter reason are now COVID. Or anyone who has a positive from a test with less than 5% clinical accuracy.

Complete NewSpeak.


Good to see that the UK has decided to hold back on jab v4, maybe Dr Doom will follow that lead.