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This is gaining a lot of traction- Sajid Javid being told to his face by a calm, rational, unvaccinated consultant why he’s not getting injected. Surprising that Sky put it up in the first place-it’s perfect normie conversion therapy.


Narrative collapse

A hospital consultant has told the Health Secretary he refused to be vaccinated because he has immunity from being “antibody” positive after exposure to the virus.
Steve James, a consultant anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital in London, who has worked in the ICU since early 2020 treating Covid patients, told Sajid Javid why he did not believe in vaccination.
The Health Secretary politely expressed his disagreement and urged the public to get boosted during his visit.
Mr James told the PA news agency he did not believe Covid-19 was causing “very significant problems” for young people, adding that his patients in the ICU had been “extremely overweight” with multiple other co-morbidities.


Was just about to post this…you beat me too it!

Yes - I agree this is an impressive and long overdue contribution. That said I would fear for this doctor’s career - rationality has been sidelined.


Hopefully not, the sheer weight of numbers who are triple vaxxed and omicron positive people will be questioning the vax mandate more and more.


More narrative collapse

The latest data from the 2022 Week 1 report that dropped yesterday reveal an even more pronounced pattern, with negative efficacy returning to every age bracket over 18:

I wonder can the NoVaxx death numbers be trusted. Whether adverse reactions to needlecraft are considered unvaccinated


Vaccine Negative Efficacy - Ontario Edition



The weasels we have here as consultants- just today above indo article. Informed consent me hole.


"The reality is quite simply that no one knows whether the vaccines make any difference because a proper randomised, independent control study over a long period has not been carried out.

Any government claiming the opposite is quite simply telling lies."



Lots of catty people on twitter, it’s the tweeting that attracts them.






Fascinating. It seems our double jabbed adult % is going down. And I imagine our triple jabbed adult % will plateau by end January…but we’re pushing ahead with planting the seed of apartheid against the unboosted.

Will I need proof of a booster shot to go to restaurants?
There are currently no plans by the Government to require people to have received a Covid-19 booster shot to access indoor dining, the Department of Health has said. However, the department’s statement comes just days after Taoiseach Micheál Martin indicated that booster shots would be required to eat inside restaurants.
When asked if people would be required to have a third shot to enter pubs or restaurants, Mr Martin said: “In the fullness of time, yes I think, well, shorter than that.
“The HSE are now working on including the booster within the vaccine record and cert.”
“Now Government decisions will have to be taken … in terms of the policy implication of that, but it is very clear to us that the benefits of the booster are very significant right now in preventing infection but above all in preventing severe illness from Omicron.”

How many people have received the booster shot so far?
More than 2.3 million booster shots have been administered to date in Ireland, while nearly 91 per cent of the adult population are considered “fully vaccinated”.


Be sure to take your medicine, nurse Ratched knows best



This is ridiculous

The fear of saying Omicron is MILD at establishment level when folk are becoming wise to the nonsense

  • it will prove more difficult to persuade an increasingly cynical public to do as they’re told in the future. Stop the childish behaviour now.