Coronavirus 2020




HSE is Menace Asset.


The pressure to stop mandatory vaccination continue to grow.

Removing staff from front line jobs will be seen in a very bad light when there are already critically short of staff.


A garda spokesman said: "Following the recovery of a body in the Bray area of Wicklow on Friday, 7th January 2022, a Missing Person Appeal in respect of Shane O’Connor, 17 years, has been stood down.

John Waters won’t keep silent on that.
There must be hundreds poor kids in similar situation.



…1000 teenagers attempted suicide in 9 months of 2021…


Almost boring news now


Oh but people on twitter are still quoting the 90% unvaccinated hospital admissions line that was pushed on U.K. TV…



Saw a tweet below that highlighting the difference between publications views. I never heard of this before. Mind blown. But I shouldn’t be shocked



Probably some damage control going on w/ article by Mr. Javid.

Dr. James has many well thought out points of view that he expresses clearly through his responses.

Q: Are you concerned that your views could be used by “anti-vaxers”…
A: The idea that people don’t speak up, because people are afraid their views will be used against them, suggests there’s a culture of intimation. I think it’s very important to stand up and say what you think, and also to listen to what people say in response to that.


41 midwives from one hospital will not take the vaccines, which will lead to that hospital losing its entire midwife Unit. I wonder what Exactly those midwives have seen over the last year that was so different to previous years that had such a profound impact on them that they almost entirely wish to quit rather than take the ‘vaccine.’ That one fact alone should be enough to cause anyone to question these ‘vaccines’, if of course a majority of the population weren’t living in Lala Land currently.


What hosp that?


Dr. James says it at the end of his interview, just after the point that snaps links to above. He doesn’t mention the hospital. Many medical staff are not as outspoken and brave as him but hundreds have contacted him in support who have similar feelings to him.


Thanks, TBH hadn’t listened in full.


This has already play out in the US. Lots of resignations in helathcare.

Raising the spectre of MANDATORY is the game. I keep see stories about reversals in company policies in the US, when the exodus of staff is threatened or begins… meanwhile on Swamp Island, the latest kite is launched right after parents beginning surrender their children to the regime genetic rape and pillage, going for the magic HEADLINE SPELL win.

Nphet to consider mandatory Covid vaccines in Ireland

Meeting minutes from December 16th reveal the State’s public health team will consider mandatory vaccination. Photo: PA Images

10/01/2022 | 06:58 AM

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination is to be considered by the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet), while Government Ministers are understood to be anxious to ease current restrictions for the hospitality sector.

Meeting minutes from December 16th reveal the State’s public health team will consider mandatory vaccination, The Irish Times reports, with a new paper being prepared by the Department of Health on the legal and ethical aspects of such a move.


Belligerent Regime.



“Things went from ‘cutting in line to get the shot’ to ‘here’s $100 to get the shot’ to ‘get the shot or lose your job’ in a surprisingly brief period of time.”

“It’s pretty hard to fathom that most of the world might be operating on imperfect and incomplete information. It’s hard to believe that some random person who did some internet research has a more balanced, or nuanced position on Covid than Anthony Fauci”

“Earlier I didn’t take the shot because I wasn’t sure it was good for me. But now? Now I’m not taking the shot because I’m taking a stand.”


It’s difficult to not see serious social unrest ahead…

" So now we have an impossible-to-stop virus that looks a lot like the common cold. And we have a heavy-handed global mitigation strategy based on vaccination that does very little to stop it. Surely, I thought, we will now see that these policies, and especially vaccine mandates, do not make any logical sense?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Instead, the mandate train kept right on coming"


Perhaps the strategy is to seriously piss off and stress out the vaccine free to balance up the looming cardiac disease problems…


Before Macron, Before Trudeau… was Darth Varadkar, who already targeted the rebel alliance, in case ya forgot like - Nov 2021.


Regime nudging toward STAGE 9

Today the Swamp Island Globalist Pharma Puppet Regime began the preliminaries for STAGE 9