Coronavirus 2020



So a coronavirus cold will help inoculate you against a omicron infection, no surprises there as they’re essentially the same type of virus.



Some optimism

A scary Twitter thread


The scary was apparent in 2020, it really was, it was right there, it was clearly pure insane madness.

I think all my rhetorical questions have been answered in reality sadly, but should I have asked more?!


“41 midwives from one hospital will not take the vaccines, which will lead to that hospital losing its entire midwife Unit”.

Apologies if I’ve missed it but where is this reported?


Evidence is through personal correspondence, number is quoted as 41/45

(Context is the Sajid Javid’s hospital visit as reported by sky news where he attempts to the press hospital staff on camera regarding their opinions regarding mandatory vaccination requirements for staff. )



By Luc Montagnier and Jed Rubenfeld




Just in case you were wondering this is the FDA saying in their usual cover their ass way that most of the current SARs Cov 2 test dont work with the recent variants…

So the case-demic just got case-demic’er


Along the wrong axis, as they say…


So apparently government data aren’t consistent with Benford’s law…


The latest #ProjectVeritas video is an alleged leaked DARPA report. Looks at GoF, NIH & Fauci etc. A screencap at 39 seconds says that both Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine were identified as curative in April 2020.





Who fact checks the fact checkers?

"doctor challenging the health secretary over the government’s plan to make NHS staff have a Covid jab "

He was responding (with his personal opinion) to the question asked by Javid of the staff.


It took them a few days to counter this, it went super viral, they’re screwed.

In the original skynews video, the nurses body language indicated they were afraid to express their true feelings, they seemed scared or at least incredibly uncomfortable and so the Doc chimed in, then Javids ends the brief exchange as it has exploded in his masked up face with a telling knife jab like arm movement - the short video is a festival of damming body language.

As expected 2022 is the year the wheels come off the entire show and this get even more interesting.

This very much plays into the speculation that the Trump admin moved the Menace into a tight corner, forcing it to active it’s pandemic plan into a much tighter window of 2 maybe 3 years roll out instead of the intended 10 year war of attrition dovetailing nicely into Agenda 2030.


Javid came across as a bully. It was a PR stunt that didn’t go to plan for him.

He shouldn’t have asked the question on camera if he only expected 1 answer.

The consultant anaesthetist [the fact checker refer to him as a critical care consultant] bravely stepped in to save the the other staff from the political buffoons haranguing.

He doesn’t deserve to be piled on for giving his personal opinion (which he was asked for).


Javid’s snide little “vaccine experts” at the end is when I really wanted to the doctor to flatten the condescending little prick.

P.S. Check out “Tory Power Stance”.


I do not believe this story was ever covered in the media in Ireland. Poor child.