Coronavirus 2020



U turn



You can almost hear the screams of betrayal from the flock as they realise they’ve been led down a worthless route with nothing to show for their devotion to the leader.


It’s all coming apart…

Sing it again Rod…


What’s the context here ?


A leftwing Jewish BLM-supporting psychologist with a trans child from San Francisco gives her 15 year old myocarditis, considers it to be better than covid…


"2021 is shaping up to be the second lowest per capita all cause deaths year in the history of sweden as a nation. (these figures are all higher pre 1991) only the oddly low 2019 year was lower.

the true cautionary tale has been for policy makers who ran riot with global lives and livelihoods. they spent much and bought nothing.**

the net harm of their policies represents the worst peacetime public policy blunder per unit time in human history. "

i do not think this can even be argued anymore."

not even mao or stalin could do this much damage in 2 years.

let that one sink in. "


Yea so it’s not peacetime. It’s WAR.

Then it makes perfect sense.




Dr. Kimble?


HSE unable to say how many in hospital because of COVID as opposed to being in hospital for something else and having COVID as well.

So in reality, how many have have only COVID? 50% or what






ya I can see it all fall apart very quickly now, you will get omnicron covid, its not that serious so let’s get on with getting back to normal right lads?


Would ye getta way outa dat ye daft langer ye


Stats lesson


I was assaulted by Dr Karina Butler yesterday; I wonder should I file a complaint at a garda station…

(b) threatens to so injure another with a syringe,

with the intention of or where there is a likelihood of causing that other to believe that he or she may become infected with disease as a result of the injury caused or threatened shall be guilty of an offence.