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Fcuking great man.

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If looking for space in aisle in supermarket, etc. I find that a deep, hacking cough clears the way ahead of me . .:wink:

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WHO to Believe? In thesse days of bought and paid for rolling revisionism. Very boring tired old schtick is this bullshit piff piece, since Mandatory “Jabs” Mike fails real good on the mandatory test, qualifications (both senses of the word) de dammed.




“This would be very welcome news indeed but do not let the government tell you that is all because of the efficacy of the vaccines, it is all to do with there being little risk in the first place and the government now realising that the public push back movement is increasing. All restrictions need lifting including the vaccine mandates and the demononising of those who choose not to get this “vaccine” stopped with any coercion made illegal as a hate crime.”


I note that in today’s video Dr John Campbell points out that Scotland and Wales have much higher cases than England - despite having tougher restrictions.

This is even more bizarre…

DOUBLE-JABBED Scots are now more likely to be admitted to hospital with Covid than the unvaccinated amid an increase in elderly people falling ill due to waning immunity.

It comes amid “weird” data showing that case rates have been lower in unvaccinated individuals than the single, double, or even triple-jabbed since Omicron became the dominant variant in Scotland.


Easy to explain. As mentioned previously in failed HCOV vaccine clinical trials in the past they were abandoned for several very good reasons. Any efficacy wore off very fast. 60 to 90 days. Quite separate from newer variants. Which is why there are no vaccines for highly mutagenic viruses. Plus on next exposure to a HCOV the persons immune system was basically reset to zero innate immunity to HCOV’s. The unvaccinated do not suffer that complete loss of innate immunity to HCOV’s.

So the next HCOV infection for the vaccinated will be a lot more serious than if they were unvaccinated. And with such high cross immunity between HCOV;s with the immune system reset the vaccinated will be not just at risk of SARs CoV 2 but all the old favorites like 229E and OC43. Which in a normal year would have an infection rate of about 1% of the population.

So a few months of somewhat enhanced immunity (maybe) for those under 60 and on next exposure a loss of all immunity to HCOV’s and high first of symptomatic infection.

Then we have all the mRNA side effects. A separate subject.


Ah yes the great vaccines ended the big fright:

"We now need to know the plan for how Ireland will exit the Covid-19 pandemic. Science has delivered on its promise of highly protective vaccines, which means one thing: protection against severe disease. The vaccines we have are proven to do that, including against Omicron. You shouldn’t worry if you become infected after vaccination, including boosting, because you will be protected from severe disease. That’s what the vaccines are designed to do.

If you want to see what happens in a country with low vaccine uptake, you only have to look at the United States. There were 150,000 hospitalisations and 25,000 ICU admissions there last week, with 2,700 deaths. The majority of these could have been prevented by vaccines and boosters."



Oh Really! They should be looking to South Africa, the first country that had the omicron outbreak and the first to see the post wave decline without hospitals filling up.
The US has a real health crisis where omicron is simply attacking the really unhealthy (vaxxed & unvaxxed), says more about the general state of healtn in the US as opposed to their vaccination stats.


What funny about that bullshit from O’Neill is that just like in Europe the areas in the US with the highest vaccination rates have the highest number of “COVID” cases. O’Neill is an outright liar because these facts are not only trivial to check but has been getting high profile coverage in the US even in the MSM as the narrative starts to fall apart.

Thats why the CDC is stopping collecting daily numbers from the states. Because the stats from the highly vaccinated states and cities are so bad. It the same all up the West Coast. The very high vaccination rates coastal area have very high case rates. The lower vaccination rates interiors of the states have much case rates. By often startling amounts. That’s the main reason Gov Inslee in Washington state had his meld down and went ape shit crazy recently. Never the brightest or most stable at the best of times he is dealing very badly with his health fascist fantasy falling apart. Even the Seattle Times has noticed that is he is basically deranged as the “vaccination” narrative collapses.

Luke O’Neil is a lying c*nt. Pure and simple.


Graphs of the rise in cases post vaccination have been circulated since summer 2021. Those who are awake see it. Those who aren’t… I never realised how easily people are brainwashed into seeing untrue things & ignoring facts before. I knew some people had blind spots, sure. Knew my history about previous things like south sea bubble & tulips. But still, it’s surreal.


After the property and banking bubbles, it really didn’t surprise me one bit.


I feel like a Cassandra. I can see things wrong but have no idea what to do about it even for myself, let alone figure out how to wake others.


I barely discuss Covid offline

Some I’ve chipped away at with eugyppius substack posts.

Others I’ve asked, ‘Given you’ve just told me Efficacy wanes to zero after 9 to 12 weeks, Would you have agreed to take the first shot if you knew you’d have to take seven by the end of 2022’


I’d suggest turning off the web for a bit.

There’s been 2 years of constant propaganda beamed into peoples minds and many clearly haven’t dealt with it very well.

The past few days would suggest that we live in a very damaged society with an epidemic of mental health problems reaching a tipping point.

Your reality should not be crafted by the twittersphere or indeed the Pin.

You’re also not responsible for others (beyond your kids if you have any), only yourself. I’d suggest getting out into the fresh air and engaging in some form of physical activity. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

It’s worth bearing in mind also that if you, as I did, attempted to engage people around the issue of covid or vaccinations earlier on with a view to warning them off, then you are likely to be viewed as a crank or worse, some form of ‘anti vaxer’ but. As such, anything you say is tainted in their eyes at this stage and, unfortunately, there is no point trying to engage any further. Leave them be and they’ll either come around themselves or they won’t. Nothing you can do. I haven’t really engaged around it since last summer beyond with one or two people.

What is most likely is that at some point (as per post-property crash) the narrative will change overnight such that ‘everyone’ will have known that other people were acting ridiculously - never them of course. I’d imagine it will begin with things like people sharing stories of others who went over the top in their fear of the virus. Funny incidents etc. Comedians and media figures might begin to include jokes or comedic references in their acts etc. It’s a means of dealing with things.

Anyway, as I’ve said above, the past few days suggests that there is a mental health tsunami coming down the tracks mainly in the case of people for whom online interaction is their entire reality. Disengagement from that should be a priority for anyone who wants to remain healthy.

Zero Covid Maniacs - tracking the mental illness tsunami they caused

Very true. But it must be acknowledged that given their collectivist, hive nature it is a lot more comfortable being an anti-vax man than an anti-vax woman. Self compassion about the implications of this is required.


I hadn’t realised how bad things were until the past few days.

The past 2 years have been good on a personal level, beyond the inability to travel.

I had assumed that the majority would have similarly benefited from not having to commute or engage with office politics, spend more time with family etc.

Seems not to have been the case to the extent that we’re at moving statues levels of hysteria on the part of many who clearly can’t distinguish physical experience/material reality from online interactions.

On the bright side it shows that the vanguard of the progressive fascism that currently holds sway are very weak, fearful people who are unlikely to lay any lasting foundations.


I have to say, I’m noticing a ground swell of opinion change recently with the people I know. I am pretty much the same on here as I am in real life in the things I’m saying. I have been like this all my life so I have been able to get away with this for this episode as people generally think I go against the grain on many things. I was telling everyone that Trump would get elected from September 2015 and everyone thought I was insane. Also talked about the housing Bubble throughout the madness and a number of other things. Although, on this current occasion I have had a couple of good friends angrily shout at me, and one friend from a former tech company seems to want nothing to do with me at the moment but he’s not an aggressive person. I am not phased by these type of things as the background I come from makes these things seem pretty trivial in comparison. I have some pretty off the wall opinions for the location I’m currently living and have been warned by a number of people here too but I’m not the best at toning down what I’m saying, but I also am pretty friendly so don’t get into arguments that much, but I’l give my opinion. People do tend to listen even if they dismiss me after.
However, I have been aggressively posting on my social media the last few months, and I have noticed that now a number of people are contacting me and starting to agree with me. I have a few Science friends that always agreed with me and that have always been very aware throughout this current madness who also post similarly to me. People who I haven’t spoken to in a few years have also been contacting me recently. Yesterday I talked to my parents, and my mam currently has a continuous adverse effect since the booster. It’s not drastic but it’s not the best. My father also nearly died after the 2nd shot. My mam was a bit wary after this but the doctor told them it had nothing to do with the shots and they believed him. Even though she was believing me for a bit. But the media etc. fooled them. It’s funny though, yesterday, after I once again told her it’s clearly the shot that gave her the current condition as it started just a few days after it, and her and dad had a bad reaction, she then said to me that she thinks I’m right, and also she started saying, that it’s remarkable the amount of people she knows that have died or had strokes or heart attacks shortly after the shots. I have been pointing this out to her for months, but she’s certainly changing her opinion now. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but every week that I talk to them they mention someone they know that something happened to, but they never put two and two together. People in the neighbourhood or relatives. But she was the one saying last night that this seems incredibly unusual to her now. My parents are not scientifically trained in any way and would generally have been brainwashed by the media like most, but I think my mam’s opinion is changing for sure which is a general indication that her friends and relatives opinion is changing also.


But the Guardian has reassured us that the excess deaths in 2021 in the 18-65 age category, were long covid (that phrase hurts my head), delayed diagnoses, suicides, etc (no doubt a significant amount can be attributed to these issues, arising in the main as they do from the great lockdowns, fear of going to hospital, etc) but couldn’t be the injections.

It would be great to have some of the old posters back, who were here during the crash, to debate the issues, now that some of the heat coming out of the situation. If you’re lurking… did the injections save the day?