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Since the COVID circulating now is much different that the COVID circulating back in the early days of the pandemic, it calls for a different strategy.

IMHO, it’s now unwise for people to be wearing the cloth masks day in day out. In one shop I recently visited, an assistant was wearing an old worn out cloth mask. The fabric was all wrinkled from numerous washes and it didn’t even fit correctly. That can’t be good.


Wow, there’s still somebody who thinks masks work really well. Limited reply as really can’t be bothered, no disrespect mate.

Before Covid appeared, scientists and officials advised time and again that masks would be ineffective at containing a pandemic respiratory virus, and the evidence Miller has compiled suggests they were correct.

As I presume you’d be a big fan of the Chinese WHO:

A document published by the World Health Organisation in 2019 framed the results of these studies in no uncertain terms: “there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza”.

The evidence is clear, wearing a mask makes no difference to infection rates when worn by the general public.

If older folk want to wear them as they feel safer doing so, then free world and all that. Personally I try to encourage them to discard the masks.


The only thing masks actually do is impede the transfer of droplets into the air or filter out airborne pollution, viruses mostly just pass through unless you only use medical grade N95 ones.
Then you must change them frequently and live in a bubble without other human contact if you really want to avoid the virus.


I agree. N95s work if properly worn. The others? They (imperfectly) shield droplets & fluids but efficacy against Covid? Lots of graphs like this around.

Come to think of it, wasn’t there a graph showing no protection/difference in infection trends when using N95s in the community in Germany? They required them there for a time.


Yes, hence my comment about being in isolation as well.


“The vaccines have worked incredibly well, but we’re still dealing with an awful lot of Covid,” he said.

“I think it’s entirely possible that Niac will come back and say that for all of us, there would be an annual vaccine so you might get your flu vaccine and your COVID vaccine at the same time.”


If this is considered a success, I dread to think what a failure would have been like.


I thought this was funny…

You can see the vaccine efficacy just fade away in the space of 8 weeks.

Delta displace by Omicron B 1.1 and BA 1.1. Which needed the booster as the first two shots did not work. The B1.2 (the pink bit) starting the process all over again. The booster for Omicron B 1.1 and BA 1.1 not giving much protection against B1.2.

Keep repeating every 3 months until public health vaccination stops so that the rapid replacement of highly infectious variants slows down to normal replacement rate of every 3 to 5 years or so.

Exactly as predicted by the settled epidemiological science of over 100 years.


Dr Campbells video about the Pfizer documents


And the covid grift kept on the backburner…


A certain country in Asia has been seeing asymptomatic pockets of Covid all over it in recent days, particularly on college campuses and in Apartment buildings that are easily isolated (any place that will not affect GDP or business in any way). All asymptomatic cases it would appear. Also that country’s ‘leading health expert’ said that the local covid vaccine brings severe illness from Covid down to 0.1%. Also he said that herd immunity would be reached at 85% vaccinated which has now been surpassed (the magic of Science… political Science).

So, it looks as if the asymptomatic cases will spread around the country completely in the following weeks, be found out to be nothing, and then I suspect that in about 8 weeks, or far less, that this large country in Asia will be completely open to international travel again. The effects of Covid having minimally shut down anything in that country and life operating almost normally for 2 years internally. With Covid mostly forgotten about by most people there, for at least 80% of that time.

The shut downs taking place across college campuses and in random apartment buildings are just taking place for 48 hours at a time (because Science). I would not be surprised if the country is completely done with Covid in 3-4 weeks and declares immunity.

All the above was as expected once the world started opening up again and got over the hysteria. None of the above is confirmed, but is pretty much exactly in keeping with what myself and a couple of clued-in fellow scientific friends of mine had predicted since a few weeks after the whole fiasco began.


I don’t think up before



Infection Rates Higher in Triple Vaccinated Than in Unvaccinated Across All Age Groups, UKHSA Data Show

Got something now, badish head cold. Main symptom for me is dizziness, like in past with head colds, only a little more intense


Various (unconnected) people I know have caught it in the last few weeks. Some unvaccinated, others vaccinated.



…says high paid social influencer enlisted to rebrand the man flu.


Like nearly 80%


“From two years ago, watch the biggest lie of the decade.”


This is the grim confirmation of some rough calculations made elsewhere about what was going on with deaths after the injection rollout.
From the government’s own figures released 16/3:

Scroll down to tables 15 and 16 here:

In Q3 deaths in women aged 15-34 almost doubled overall and between 25 and 34 specifically were just over twice 2020’s figure. In men there was an increased death rate of about 50% from young adult to middle aged, with ages 15-24 an exact 100% increase.