Coronavirus 2020



“A study from Stanford University, published in Cell , has found that vaccine mRNA and spike protein persist in lymph nodes for up to two months following the second vaccine dose. This is in contrast to what happens following infection, where spike protein was found only rarely.”

"The researchers found evidence of ‘original antigenic sin’ from the vaccines, where a person vaccinated and then infected with a variant develops a weaker antibody response to that variant than an unvaccinated person infected with the variant. They describe it as a “strong imprinting effect of prior vaccination”.

" The high concentration in the blood of spike protein following vaccination and its persistence along with vaccine mRNA in lymph nodes for months, in contrast to the situation post-infection where such persistence is rare, will fuel concerns about the safety of these Covid vaccines. It has been argued that the spike protein is itself pathogenic, not inert, and that the free spike proteins generated by the vaccines have greater capacity to bind to more types of cells than the virus particles themselves, and that this may be what lies behind many of the serious adverse events reported to regulatory bodies and identified in case reports. This warrants further investigation."


What a mess.

“All of this means that we don’t really know who has died of Covid, or how severe it is, and this continues to this day. Separating the ravages of the virus from the ravages of human stupidity is not possible.”

At London North West University, by December 2020 there had been 623 Covid deaths of which 555 (89 per cent) were subject to DNRs.

At King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 85 per cent of Covid deaths had a DNR by November 2020. At Barts Health NHS Trust, it was lower at 32 per cent.

A recent report by Oxford and Durham Universities showed that in the first wave of Covid in the spring of 2020 there had been a 30 per cent increase in the use of DNRs, with a fifth of patients not consulted about the decision.

“This requires further investigation,” said Prof Carl Heneghan, Director of the CEBM at Oxford. “Were these orders already in place as may be the case with terminal disease or were they instigated during admission?

“These are vital questions requiring answering to determine the impact of the virus particularly in the most vulnerable and likely to die.”





These again… :icon_eek:


This man has mapped out the anomaly in deaths from Q3 2021:



"You flee a war-zone and end up sleeping on the floor of some repurposed gym, while the locals scheme madly about how to inject you with their latest mRNA tech.

Dear Ukrainians: You’re entirely right to be terrified of forced vaccination. We are too."


"this is definitional rigging and outright datacrime.

the bottom line is simple: you cannot trust any covid vaccine study that excludes from its outcomes those who got their dose 12-14 days prior.

treat any study using such definitions with deep skepticism.

it is not playing with an honest deck."


Poll in the journal on masking.

Vote early. Vote often.


70% say yes :frowning:



The numbers saying “yes” is about equal to the percentage of those actually wearing them.

So - under the current rules - everyone wins!


Journal poll. Some twitter comments are suggesting that it was 70% yes when it went live…


I expect the incidence of the virus to fall rapidly with the good sunshine we are getting this week. Let’s see.


Where would we be without the vaccines all the same Luke?



War on multiple fronts. Peeps getting it yet?


Didn’t Hitler not prove, you can’t fight a war on multiple fronts :thinking: