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Looks like the politicians are waking up to the reality that panic restrictions are counter-productive, despite calls for the forced wearing of masks from those who don’t listen.


Media & journalists are all pushing for it though. All of them.


Forget vacuums! Dyson’s new Zone headphones are designed to block noise and air pollution

DYSON has launched its first pair of noise-cancelling headphones …that also clean pollution, allergens and viruses from the air around you.


Well this is interesting. I think Berenson had said the high vaxx rate countries are having a second peak since January. So I checked all the European countries in Worldometers. Almost all have high peak in Jan Feb followed by sharp drop then followed by steep smaller rise. Iceland Malta Gibraltar and Isreal are classics. Noteable exception was Sweden. I then checked all of the African countries. Almost all have no second peak in 2022. Looks to me like vaxx rate is a factor.


Ya think?


Irish researchers seek people who have avoided Covid-19 infection

The study, which aims to understand why some people are “naturally resistant” to Covid-19 infection, could have implications for vaccine development and public health measures.

Might be a few on here that could give a few pointers??


Now a 2004 video clip of Fauci has resurfaced, in which he takes a very different line on natural immunity. Fauci is asked whether a woman who’s had the flu for 14 days should get a flu shot, and he responds as follows:

Well, no, if she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself … If she really has the flu, she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine … She doesn’t need it because the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.





Covid booster: more than 8 million people reject offer of vaccine despite record infection rate

More people in the UK are infected with Covid-19 than at any time since the start of the pandemic


Minster For Pfizer welcomes another deadly assault on civilians including children.

Over-65s and immunocompromised to be offered second Covid booster

…Speaking about the announcement, Minister Donnelly said: “I welcome today’s update to Ireland’s vaccination programme. COVID-19 vaccines have achieved extraordinary success in preventing severe disease, hospitalisation and death. These vaccines continue to have a very good safety profile with hundreds of millions of doses administrated globally.

“Those who are unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated continue to be disproportionality affected and account for approximately a third of hospitalisations for Covid-19. As such, I urge anyone for whom an additional dose of vaccine has been recommended, or anyone yet to receive their primary course or booster vaccine do so as soon as possible.

… As well as recommending a second mRNA booster for all those aged over 65, they recommended those aged 12 years and older, who are immunocompromised, receive a second booster or fifth dose.

Those who are immunocompromised aged 5-11 years are advised to complete an extended primary course (total of three vaccine doses).

Archive link:


Advice from the EMA & ECDC, which was also issued today, is a tad different. Shock. Surprise. Etc.

Fourth dose for over 80s or severely immunocompromised, no fifth dose mentioned.


"That’s a statistically significant odds ratio of 1.36 (CI 1.0-1.9), meaning your odds of having a stillbirth, abortion or miscarriage are 1.36 times higher if you are vaccinated.2

Another way of putting it is that the SBMA rate among vaccinated women was nearly 34% higher than the rate among unvaccinated women. This difference is statistically significant at the 95% confidence interval based on a Chi-square test of significance."


Very quick dash to update latest data from see where things are at.

I noticed stats have reverted to more of a daily death reporting frequency, since June 2021 there had been a switch to an approx 7 day reporting total, which plots those spaced spikes.

In simple terms, I can not see the trend.

So I simulated it in blue with similar 7 day weekly totals.

The drying trend so far is sustained, not dropped off a bit, which is visually how the red line might look to some.

Notable - booster take up of is on the floor, and may be the folks held hostage by the Pfizer regime at the hands of HSE battalion.

2020 looks like the calm before…

Will update later with hospitalisation graph, but rest assured we have a glorious double peak, like never before!


“…the vaccines could never work in the first place and they don’t work…”

Also the dam lipids! Some previous musings - Exosomes - The Missing link?


“Now, the brain is especially fascinating because the brain is full of small blood vessels going through the whole brain, keeping your brain cells alive–gray cells, white cells. And the tiniest disturbance can lead to death of nerve cells. And the death of nerve cells depending on where these cell are can produce anything, anything you want to think of. Of course, the whole thing may just start with a headache , splitting headaches which are the typical symptoms of about fifty percent of everyone getting the second shot complains of. Headaches are already the first sign that clots are forming in the brain. But, you know, if you are unlucky, you start to get, uh, palsies, nerve [–?--], the eyes start becoming un-seeing, the ears don’t hear anymore, people start getting paralysis. Why that happens, no one knows, but there are other things that are going on, dear colleagues. Many people tell me that they are seeing psychological changes in people. The whole personality changes. Now you know when you have our brain with the lymph system that is YOU, it’s your person. This is the human being–God given if there is a God, I am a Buddhist, you see. But I believe in Nature and that we are all individuals, each has developed during his lifetime to become what he is now. And this all…your whole personality, everything that is human, is here [points to his head]–starts there, it ends there. Your memory, and so people are Alzheimer’s. Some people are developing symptoms that are horribly similar to Mad Cow Disease. You know, I do not want to go into this. I am just telling you that the vision is so horrible–so horrible.”


“I told you that these vaccines must reach the lymph nodes. And it is now known that they reach the lymph nodes. It is known that the cells in the lymph nodes are going to DIE. Why they die and how they die we don’t have to discuss here, but they will die. And the cells in your lymph nodes are the cells that are keeping you alive because they are taking care of latent infections in your body: viral infections, shingles, and blah blah blah, tuberculosis, and 95% of the Third World, and I have the TB bacterium in my lung. I don’t want to get that shot. If my lymph node cells start dying, the cells that are responsible for controlling TB, this is what is going to happen, I tell you… other cells are responsible for keeping cancer cells under control, cancer cells that are arising all the time in our bodies, all the time. People that have cancer have lost control once. They may be healed now, but they are also healed because their controlling lymphocytes are also there to keep the cancer cells that come anew get eliminated. And we are hearing stories all over the world of strange cases of tumors exploding into action into people … Now we know we are looking at an agent that has no benefit whatsoever. No benefit, ZERO, but has the capacity over a million pathways to kill you, and has been killing, and is killing, and is going to kill our children. How can anyone stand to see this happen? We don’t have to talk about anything else. Look at the Nuremberg Code…If there is any suspicion that an agent in the experiment phase is causing illness and death, that experiment has to be stopped on the spot. And this has to do with consent. It has to stop.”


That’s explains a lot


“Within weeks of Pfizer’s vaccine being administered pursuant to emergency use authorization, Pfizer had to hire 600 full time employees ‘to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports’ being received by the company.”

Maybe it’s worth pointing out that about 4.5 Billion people have been vaccinated globally. About half of these are with traditional ‘vaccines’, maybe more than half now.
Pfizer is just one of the non-traditional barely trialled mRNA vaccines. So it doesn’t hold a full market share of the remainder by some distance.
Pfizer already had about 800 Million people per year using its regular drugs.
So, I would think the 600 rapidly hired extra people, moving up to 1800 new employees over time, is a significant point of note. I believe this information is part of the release of the documents that they wanted to hide for 75 years.


On skepticism about COVID-19 vaccines - I


Yes and some of that information currently being released to the public, confirms and validates earlier leaks for example of the pfizer trial document posted here on the pin as far back as January 2021 Refrain from unprotected sex for 28 days n’stuff - Vaccine trials document the link no longer works but it’s the sam doc afaict.

Present coverage is reporting it as a new story, but it’s not, other than it’s now verifiable.

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In this video Ryan Cole mentions an Irish Doc contacting him with regards to the surge in cancers of his post-injected patients.


The Injections Kill