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Interesting… I’ll check that out later. I’ve only seen the first five minutes of the Watch the Water “documentary”.


Don’t be put off by title. A devestating summing up to the Court from Jonathan Sumption

The lockdown was a sustained assault on our humanity. First, it was an attack on our instincts as social animals. Interaction with other human beings is not just an agreeable leisure activity. It is fundamental to our culture, our social organisation and our economy. It is essential to our mental health and general wellbeing. It is the source of our creativity. It is the basis almost everything that we do.

Secondly, the lockdown was a denial of our autonomy. We make our own judgments about our lives, our health and all the risks which are inseparable from existence. Of course, we make them within a framework of laws designed to enable us to live in society, at peace with our neighbours. But there are some basic freedoms which the law can only take away by transforming us into robotic tools of the state. We are made for better things than that.

Some of the worst features of the lockdown regulations were due to the very fact that they were so offensive to human nature and therefore so hard to enforce. They had to be indiscriminate, because discriminating between high risk and low-risk activities would have been impractical at street level. They had to impose exorbitant and disproportionate fines because the difficulty of catching lawbreakers meant that horrible examples had to be made of the few who were found out. They had to be accompanied by unbalanced and hysterical government messaging so as to frighten people into voluntary compliance



2 million a year. That was what TCD were to get, funnelled through HRB apparently. Not sure if HRB had been told that…



Yep China still going the full Trudeau.


How are the Irish branch of the Year Zero Covid policy doing these days?


China are taking kids away from families too.

Shanghai: COVID-19 is Separating Children From Parents | Time

I think this article only tells half the story. An acquaintance in China tells me they rounded up all the children in his area and took them to (in his words) concentration camps.


For what purpose, to vaccinate presumably?


Officially, to stop the spread. Quarantine.

Western diplomats ask China not to separate COVID-positive children from parents | Reuters


Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom

Imagine being physically denied access to your office, business or livelihood. Imagine being refused entry to a shop or being told who you can or cannot sit with at a restaurant. Imagine being barred from a hospital room when you or your family member needs critical care. *

Unthinkable?* Today, these scenarios and worse are happening in ‘democracies’ all over the world, and could be our collective future – orchestrated by AI, Big Tech and state-sponsored apps – all in the name of ‘protecting’ public health with vaccine passports

The stakes could not be higher. If you do not have a vaccine passport, you will be prevented from accessing basic services, from earning a living or travelling within your own country. Even if you do have one, you will be exposed to unprecedented levels of government and corporate surveillance, data mining and behavioural control.


Digital Tyranny: The EU Digital Covid Vaccine Certificate Framework


It would be interesting if the policy was in relation to the elections to take place in November. Whereby a major political rival was involved with the government of Shanghai and that the policy could be used to show how that SH government had failed while the cases increased dramatically, every day, under their charge. Then, when the Beijing government came in to oversee things the case numbers suddenly dropped massively, like they did yesterday. And how the outskirts of Shanghai had already opened up, like they did last Monday with some restrictions still in place but many places being allowed roam freely even though only a limited number of shops and take-aways were open. And if the Covid zero policy was a complete smokescreen that only a small percentage of people actually took seriously in Shanghai. Strange that the internal political angle would not be more widely broadcast (or thought of) by ‘experts’ on TV channels across the western world. Even though the western business people here have no doubts that it’s all political and even have it in the minutes of the chamber of commerce meetings. Although, I do have a feeling that globally Covid was always more of a political beast to most people, with the exception of the very elderly and infirm.

I would also suggest that I would be surprised if Omicron had not spread widely around China over the flu Season just gone. Or it could be a magical virus that just shows up after Flu season is over and then just found mostly with PCR tests while the antigen tests showed few positives.

Not that it might matter but I would also wonder if everything was planned long in advance, to show a spread after flu season throughout china, and show how well the government did taking care of the people. And thereby lead the way to opening up again. Even though Covid has been through China many times. I’m not quite sure why anybody would think differently given they stated at the start, they were only counting severely symptomatic people and given that the fast trains can get people from Wuhan to many major populations centres in 4 hours or less. Surprising how random pockets of covid kept showing up in oases throughout shanghai throughout the last year, when someone was quite sick with it, but didn’t spread at all. Just the few people that had it. Everyone else had a forcefield around them.

Amazing that the cold that went around in the flu Season just gone had the exact same symptoms as Omicron also. Identical. Uncanny.

Anyway, maybe all of the above is just silly and what they say on the news every night, the stuff that is politically expedient, is correct. Don’t forget to get vaccinated (sic) with the clot shots. Don’t want to end up like Shanghai.

I’m sure there could be other potentialities at play, like a cover for a housing crash from one of the greatest heights in history (compared to average wage), which had started in early March.

Either way, all the above is speculation, from a place unknown. Think of it what you will, but I know people on here prefer to hear other angles and not the usual ones with an agenda. If the cases dramatically increase over the next few days, you can dismiss the above. But it’s surprising how the cases went up so much when they tested people all the time, and how they dropped so quickly when they stopped testing people, in certain regions. Shocking really.




Nope. They only follow Menace orders. You don’t have a legitimate representative government if you are in Ireland as is the case in many “western” countries these days i.e. the cat is actually out of the bag.

How is this so hard to see or is it?

This being year three of the overt WAR by the occupational regime on YOU.

Now, if they ran the COVID spell any longer (incl real world restrictions and bullshit compliance and rules theatrics) they would never have been able to unleash the UKRIANE spell and ram in unlimited “refugees”, this was oil & water, so they ran a false calm the period of the phony “back to normal”, since they knew Russia was going to move on Ukraine, but they were never going to forewarn the public in the MSM… ha!

It was hyper propaganda overdrive sucker punch, i.e. they Menace gave the people a black eye becasue it could not hot/control the Putin.

The Menace can really only run one terror spell for max effect, to phish public consent and only for a period, long enough to ram through whatever.

There can only be one permanent enemy at anyone time, otherwise, it’s too much for ordinary people to deal with let alone believe. Splitting mass mind focus deteriorates the harvesting of the passive consent power. SO in essence it does not matter what the one terror signal is, as long as teh Menace control that one signal to rule them, one signal to bind them.

Imagine tehe Menace Regime ran Klaus WEF’s referendums in 2012, the Child + Gay Marriage + Abortion as one referendum.

Not only would it not work it would have given the game away, because it left no time for progressive multi annual conditioning of the public using nefarious and insidious means via the MSM 24/7 to accept each agenda milestone, but only one at a time.

Sequenced over the passage of time afforded camouflage to very bad actors.

That TIME luxury looks to be all but gone now. That’s a very good and great thing. There is potentially a very interesting storm brewing here, if things pan out as they might for the rest of the year.

If China does Taiwan, and Ukraine is still in play, run roh!

Then it looks like there will be too many incongruent events for the Menace media to effecitlvy whack out of sight, spin or reskin, unless it cna get a WW3 going. That’s it’s last shot, other than nuclear FF (but that’s WW3 by whatever means). This in my estimation, external events, is devastating weak point to the regimes hold on perception.

In 2022 alone, to illustrate the challange to the menace media matrix reality machine, it may have to handle something lie this list of big headlines events from start to end:

  • Pandemic 1.0
  • (Truckers, Canada, WEF Tyranny)
  • Ukraine
  • Taiwan
  • (Durham)
  • Pandemic 2.0

How will the Menace media square some or all of that, especially if events overlap and run concurrently?

Well one option is to pepper peaks with FF’s or kick start the WW3… but as you have probably figured, the weekly Ukranian Boston Bombing type FF’s are not working out like planned. The Bear has not bitten. How can they get the Bear to bite?

The brackets indicate what they have ignored and what they probably will ignore in the media, the zero coverage technique is a powerful move, brining virtually zero attention to impossible to square non-menace narratives, and pump the main menace narrative for max saturation, is all they have, but if there as I have pointed out too many non-menace narrative to handle, well, I am not sure it has ever come under this level of counter-force, ever.

In summary, I think the time component is now gone. So the Menace doesn’t have that for cover.

I think also last October world perception reached a beautiful moment, the tipping point, where the ratio of wide eyed awake vs in a deep coma, tipped the scale in favour of awake and that is the trend for the foreseeable future!

It’s good news, but not if you believe in Menace World or are Menace, it all looks utterly terrifying and all they can do is try get you to believe their living nightmare as your own.


unsure why you think scales tipped in favour of eyed awake - you presumably referring to US here?


Valneva approved by MHRA.


So around a year and a half after they approve the Frankenstein vaccines they now approve a traditional inactivated virus vaccine. What a total con job. There is something exceptionally fraudulent about this whole system. Maybe they finally have enough test subjects for the other ones. I really hope that regular people who haven’t studied in any of the related fields find out how much of a fiasco all this is at some stage. I guess they’ll find out whenever the TV thinks it’s ok to tell them.