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IN an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) ‘Covid-19 Boosters – Where from Here?’ Dr Paul Offit MD starts with the obligatory praise for mRNA Covid-19 vaccines, but then abruptly switches to a very serious note of alarm about the continued use of boosters.



“The three largest cities in China are going to be removed from the world market. According to analysts, at least 40% of China’s GDP has been taken offline and this was before lockdowns began in Beijing. The vast majority of this GDP is directly related to global manufacturing. Removing it means removing the flow of containers from the world economy.”


Brits ‘should be ready’ for further lockdowns


Denmark calls it a day, no more jabbing!


But a resumption in the autumn for those deemed in need of a jab. It really is high time now that the EU dropped the silly passport scheme.



Right now - today, my father in law has been ill for several days is now vomiting.

He rang his regular doc for an appointment - even a telemedicine one.

They will not see him.

They are too busy with Covid boosters. Too busy making easy money. For something that is ineffective and not needed. (By the way I see a new wave has been predicted by the WHO within 4 weeks)

Afidea and VHI won’t see him as he has a temp so his options are to wait until 6pm for a Doc on call or head in to A&E.


If he’s vomiting be careful he doesn’t get dehydration - lots of fluids preferably with dioralyte. If he can’t keep that down or his urine gets concentrated looking, take him to A&E and highlight the dehydration. Does he have any pain with this, or bowel problems?


Mediocrity everywhere it appears. Hope works out ok.


They want him dead. That is why they gave him the injections. Act accordingly.


Premeditated. Skilful. Vast. Global. By Design.

Not mediocre one bit but absolutely cold blooded EVIL.


Thanks Diana. Sadly he is very influeneced by his doctor. He does what he is told. We are keeping a close eye and will send him into A&E if the Doc on Call doesn’t transpire.

The ludicrous sitation is that his doctor (It’s doctors - there are 5 in the practice) are treating healthy people with an ineffective medicine while ignoring elderly sick clients (of 30 years).


Sharon Keogan begins to make her point about Stephen Donnelly’s intention to sign Ireland up to the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty and is immediately shouted down by Jerry Buttimer demanding that she be silenced.

She eventually makes her point.



This is worth a watch.


Sort of relevant.



Paraphrased in a tweet, Yeadon calls it “Murder”

Dr Mike Yeadon: “3 years worth of Midazolam used in a matter of weeks in the UK”



Looks like there are growing chinks in the armour of the Chinese COVID strategy.

Creating (and putting G clamps) on the pressure cooker and screwing down the safety valve could soon spark severe civil unrest