Coronavirus 2020



You wouldn’t want to be depending on the “BBC” to get the word out about your plight

Here’s the story from 2 weeks ago.


“We’re prepared to murder 200,000 people, to try and to slow the spread of a respiratory virus”, would you have said yes to all the measures?



That reminded me of these photos I took of groups of Chinese in airports (Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam):

So what are they up to in Shanghai? Centrally planned authoritarianism gone insane? A new outbreak of a pathogen they want to keep secret? Deliberately crashing the economy or covering up one that’s already insolvent? Producing more scaremongering imagery to put the shits up westerners again? It’s very odd, even by the standard of the past 2 years…


People murdered by compulsory wearing of face masks?


According to the Daily Mail , “out-of-hospital prescribing of the drug midazolam increased by more than 100%” in April 2020. It is thought by some that this was a deliberate attempt to euthanise the elderly, but that’s disputed by those I’ve spoken to in the sector.

The meds were fcuked out; negligence at best.

On vaccinating the ones still alive, that most of them had almost certainly been exposed to Covid during this time and now had antibodies, seemed not to matter. More negligence or worse?


Best theory I’ve heard is that it’s fucking up global supply chains by holding so many shipping containers in stasis. They arrive with cargo, can’t unload, just end up staying there…


To fuck up the West, thereby helping Russia you mean?


As to who is doing it and what their motivations are… who knows.

Don’t think it’s just about Russia. Shipping & supply chains were threatened with COVID and issues like the Evergreen going aground in the Suez too, long before Ukraine kicked off.


I think this is mostly about the Chinese leadership refusing to “lose face”, they claimed that they know how to defeat Covid. They will do whatever it takes to avoid the humiliation of having to admit defeat, regardless of the social, health and economic damage caused.


I think there’s more to it than that, given that it can not work and so they’ll end up ‘losing face’ sooner or later.


Year 3 of the Menace global War on humanity you need to conceptualise accordingly.

Ballistic Missile systems can be smuggled in on shipping containers, or any other kind of seriously insane WMD, that could be used to geo-political destabilise half the world.

I think ti was posted before around the evergreen time, but here is more examples:



Meanwhile just look at this spanner.

Trudeau MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, defends banning unvaccinated Canadians from flying or boarding a train: “unfortunately, the unvaccinated continue to disproportionally risk the safety of those vaccinated against COVID-19”


Never underestimate the stubbornness of the Chinese leadership, just remember Mao and the cultural revolution, it was only abandoned after his death.


So obesity caused way more deaths per year compared to Covid?


Starvation is the cure here. :thinking::frowning::exploding_head:




Just mentions adults to children; no mention of adult to adult.

From one of the comments:

I’ve seen zero solid evidence it’s a concern for the unvaxxed who have casual contact with the vaxxed (exchanging bodily fluids might be another story). Exposure to the spike from shedding is probably something like 0.000000001% that which a vaccinated person sees. With all toxins, the dose makes the poison.
The vaxxed have literally trillions of mRNA strands injected directly into them, their whole body becomes a spike protein factory. If unvaxxed happen to absorb a tiny amount of spike from a vaxxed person it will almost certainly be detoxed and disposed just as the body does with a minor covid infection. The spike protein from shedding cannot “infect” you as it is not alive (at least in a virus sense) and cannot replicate itself in the body.


Anyway paranoia and crippling fear? based on miniscule evidence is exactly what we criticise ‘them’ about (and rightly so)! Don’t become like the covidians living a miserable existence and viewing every human interaction as a possible death sentence.