Coronavirus 2020

Only one in three? We know for absolute certainty that the Government (and mainstream media) grossly exaggerated almost everything to do with Covid.

You mean LIED, but it’s worse than that, far worse, they KILLED and continue to KILL on behalf of external foreign entities and it was BIG MEDIA who enabled it without question and BIG TECH enforced the digital iron curtain, an it was ban rolled by the BIG MAGIC MONEY BANKSTERS still at large in the world, forever MENACING from behind all these bought and paid for MASKS of convenience.

Implications. Implications. Implications.


FFS, here we go again

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Nr 3

Given his toxic, dangerous, authoritarian views it would be more accurate to say, “COVID-19 has been infected by Eamon Ryan”

Here is Eamon Ryans 2015 WEF article, not sure if he attended.

Ah but if he just gets another test done he’ll probably be grand :+1:
Worked last time. For the Scottish trip.

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Hmm, it says he’s actually feeling sick-you don’t suppose he actually got the…I mean surely not…

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Yep as Varadkar said ‘meaningful summer’ or whatever:

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I knew there was something funny about me these days - ah that’s it, dead.


Well I’ll be darned! Who could have seen that coming??

" Meanwhile in China – the trendsetter in modern public health measures – increasing numbers of people are finding their Covid app turning red without explanation after they tried to protest the earlier (also unexplained) freezing of their savings. A red app code means the person is barred from access to all public places, including shops and train stations, and faces mandatory quarantine in a centralised isolation centre. It looks very much like the Chinese Government is using its Covid surveillance system to target protestors.

Another idea for the German Government, perhaps."

Leading Perps… all still at large.