Coronavirus 2020

Trudeau looks to be in mourning or is seriously hungover

Norway- >65s only for boosters (unless at risk).

So with more countries dropping vaccination entry requirements and not recommending blanket constant re-vaccination for the general population is there reason to believe that the vaccine passports are not going to be re-introduced this winter in Europe?
They certainly did their job in increasing uptake and introducing the infrastructure that can be repurposed to ‘carbon passports’ or some other nonsense in the future.

Digital Currencies… all of that stuff rolled into your social credit score etc. etc. be a terrible awful waste of magic money. :icon_beer:

Looking at the consequences that the Danish minister got for the covid Mink fiasco, I expect similar to happen with the politicians whose actions have led to the deaths of countless people.

However, the cull quickly turned into a political nightmare for the Social Democrat government as it later emerged there was no legal basis to impose the measure on farmers.
In early July, a commission of inquiry set up to determine responsibility for the affair concluded that Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had made “seriously misleading” statements without having “either the knowledge or the perspective” to judge.
The commission however elected only to reprimand Ms Frederiksen without further consequence.

They’re going to get away scot free. :angry:

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I have tested positive for COVID. I’m feeling well & symptom free. I’ve not had the new bivalent booster yet, as I was following CDC guidelines to wait 3 months since my previous COVID case which was back in mid-August. While we’ve made great progress, the virus is still with us.

Albert Bourla got Covid in successive months. Is there something wrong with his immune system? :thinking:

Good jaysus

Over this past winter, many of us have had what seemed like a continual round of viral illness. This may have included Covid, influenza or infection with respiratory syncytial virus. We may have recovered from one infection, only to get another.

AIDS it is then. The flu is going to be biblical this winter…

I don’t know about other members of the unvaxxed, but I have not had any illness to speak of since summer last year.

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Latest Chart - 2022 Summer of Sickness, Winter of Doom - #100 by Open_Window

Menace asset RTE fully complicit in the Demoicide -

Everyone is up against FULL EVIL, make no mistake, every level of reality.

Pool - Did the "Irish State" & Co give Irish people AIDS?

I’ve had a few mild rhinovirus / RSV colds, very minor, but that last real “cold” I had, cough, nasal pain , headache etc for a few days, was some new coronavirus that started doing the rounds in 2019 that I caught around last week in Feb 2020. Weird nasal pain for a few days, no sense of smell/taste, but apart from that just another cold. Like I usually get once or twice every winter. Did anyone hear anything about this?

Apart from that, nothing.

Pretty much everyone I know among the vaxed multitudes seems to be coming down with every cold, flu, or heart condition, doing the rounds. I suppose its hardly surprising. Given that this was a known side-effect of previous mRNA vaccine candidates during early clinical trials. Which is why they were all withdraw from seeking approval.

Funny that.

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Prepare for the hurricane season by getting vaccinated

One of the best responses

Hard to know but…: Roe Roe Roe your vote (@KylieInCali84): "Saw a new provider today. She told me that since I’m vaccinated I could “shed” the virus to others and also that it may not be possible to treat me because my DNA has been altered. Obviously I’m not going back but… like… is there a hotline or something for this kind of shit?"|nitter