Coronavirus 2020


Zero queues and no shortage of food or loo roll in the local supermarkets today. Panic over. But most likely everyone will be buying 2 weeks of food at a time if they can…


First of all, I have to say, I do absolutely love the Pin in times of crisis.

So many intelligent, engaging, disparate contributors all willing to throw their tuppence into the debate… great stuff.

Yes, I think this too.
However, I think in laboratories they constantly ‘fiddle’ with viruses in a ‘lets change that bit’, ‘lets see what happens with this bit’ -type of environment.
If one of these gets out, its not necessarily a dedicated bio-weapon but it IS fucking-around-with-shit-in-a-lab that probably shouldnt be done;Think secondary school when some idiot sucked on the methane tap and lit a cigarette lighter… that sorta dumbfuckery, only older. And in a level 4 Chinese HazMat lab.

So Dim Fuk got pranked and some virus got into his cream cheese bagel… thats how this shit starts.

This is canny.
The Chinese are using this to break the EU and drive it away from the US too.
The Italians are fucking furious with the EU (german) reaction to their situation… rightly so?
The Chinese are stepping in to produce whatever is needed.
This is a global, historical, epochal pivot point.
This is change at a Civilizational level.

Just been to my local 24 hour Asda in Manchester to buy a few brews for St Patricks night…
Security guard tells me the shop has been put on restricted hours (no more 24 hours) and she has lost her job.
Dont know her but have often exchanged pleasantries.
Tonight she told me she was let go at 10pm and is a single mum with 2 kids…

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!


Anyone think now would be a good time to stop trying to not accept that 13Bn in Apple Money?

Would fund a lot of the coming financial shortfall that the Govt will experience?


Blame Sinn Féin, then say oh we’re awfully sorry don’t shut down . It’s a win all round. Except that Tim Cook gimp


To favour the bottom line of a global corporation over the Irish people at this juncture would be criminal. Just take the money and worry about the blowback later-I’d go even further and introduce supplementary corporation taxes on tech companies in (I assume is happening) the emergency budget. The prospect of getting “Castroed” in the chaotic fallout of a collapsed society and the huge PR consequences of even a hint of whining will focus their minds tremendously towards seeing it as good value.


Take the money, spend it before it vaporises!


Interesting point to note.
Yesterday Italy had almost 3,000 recovered.
It takes about 3 weeks to get this and recover.
3 weeks before that Italy had confirmed 322 cases of infection.
That’s about 10 times less than they could even confirm now as having back then which is, likely, many times less than the real number back then.
Rule of thumb to multiply number of cases by between 10 and a minimum of 20 stands.


Interesting article.

The UK will have to go on lockdown/suppression immediately if they follow the advice in that report.

In South Korea/Taiwan they seem to have stopped this virus and are now returning to work. If there are no more outbreaks we can follow their model. This report only gives very generic mitigation interventions such as social distancing over 70, home isolation etc. It doesn’t mention the effects of mass testing and much more focused intervention such as contact tracing etc. which seem to be very effective in particular as household transmission seems so prevalent.

Although there are likely to be many people already infected, countrywide suppression over a period of several weeks will eliminate them (I see 3-4 weeks being sufficient here to remove the majority either through entry to hospital or recovery). This followed up by several weeks of social distancing, eliminating unnecessary contact with others and systematic testing/contact tracing will hopefully get the situation under control. The main issue appears to be a lack of tests/slow tests but I expect that to be rectified very quickly.

Both Ireland and the UK are at an advantage being islands so we should be able to implement testing of all incoming visitors relatively easily, at least until a vaccine is developed.

The complete implosion of the global and local economy is a different story and what is very clear from this report is that it won’t be possible to return to normal anytime soon especially in relation to free travel and large gatherings.

Edit: good overview covering the same topic


Does anyone know what a test result would show if you already had and recovered from Covid?
There may be many people out there who are in this situation and do not need to self isolate but is there a way to tell?

As someone else pointed out there seem to be an awful lot of celebrities being successfully tested…


My understanding: You can test for the virus or you can test for antibodies, testing for antibodies shows if you have or have had it, testing for the virus - which is the only test happening I believe - only shows positive while you are sick or contagious.

If I am correct, the only real way to get reliable data is test a large random sample (10% of the population ?) for antibodies and follow up to ascertain who among the positives had symptoms and how severe they were, of course you have to add the fatalities as well. This would have to happen in the next 2-3 months, immunity is ~3 months and the antibodies are gone with the immunity.


Thanks for the reply… so immunity is not permanent?
Someone surviving the first wave could catch it again in 6 months?


That’s my understanding, but who knows?


dr. Campbell was talking about it recently. Apparently at the moment they test for virus presence, not for antibodies yet. However soon they supposed to launch anti bodies tests so they can say “who had it already”.

My understanding is that govt will want to see a real infection rates and who “can work safely”.

Other extreme thing - What is the exit strategy?
Muricans are throwing cash like there is no tomorrow. It does not matter the whole is too deep.
In Poland they’ve cut the rates and allowed employers to cut wages if they lost more than 30% of profits due to COVID. Apparently all people on temp contracts (norm in food and shops) are loosing jobs now.

btw Italy just put in service 10k medical students without requirement for final exam. They are talking about same thing in Poland due to demand forecast in next few weeks.


So China has been stuck at 80,000 for nearly a week now. This is a huge development surely. Funny how the ‘league tables’ have stopped being shown everywhere in recent days.

Let me try and anticipate the next point: But we can’t believe the figures out of China etc. Well if that is the case, we were happy enough to believe them 2 weeks ago when they were on the way up.

Another interesting point to look for is how many people would ordinarily die of the flu or other Corona viruses in the last 2/3 weeks in Ireland as we come to the end of the season? For context, I’d imagine at least 2 would have died unfortunately.


How are prices in Irish shops at the moment?

I saw small increases for meat, veggies and fruits here in Poland.


The Central Bank has given banks here permission to use a capital buffer they are required to hold in order to support the continued provision of credit to households and businesses.

The Counter Cyclical Capital Buffer (CCyB) will be reduced from 1% to 0% by April 2.

The move is aimed at helping the economy, businesses and households through the economic shock that has been brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The regulator had been coming under increased pressure to release the buffer, as banks unleash a raft of measures to support customers through financial difficulty.


Things are so bad that Arnold has clearly run out of Testosterone Replacement Therapy injections :blush:


Not the last 2 weeks, but indicative none the less.


“There has been no challenge to our country that depends so much on our joint solidarity since the Second World War,” Merkel said on public broadcaster ZDF.

While I can understand what she is trying to say, I think everyone is happy that they failed the challenge set in the Second World War


Came across this. No idea how reliable it is…