Coronavirus 2020


For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population born in 2015–2017, life expectancy was estimated to be 8.6 years lower than that of the non- Indigenous population for males (71.6 years compared with 80.2) and 7.8 years for females (75.6 compared with 83.4).Jul 17, 2019


What about Macron theater plot twist ?

Seriously we are living in the matrix and we just got new weirdo in charge of software development :D.


A look at the beds and capacity of the system in the US.


Counterpoint to those jokes about babies being born in 9 months


2 Los Angeles Lakers players have tested positive. There’s another NBA player higher up in California that was confirmed last week. There are a number of celebrities in LA with it also. Tom Hanks and his wife potentially picked it up in LA before going to Australia (I’m just speculating there). All of these famous people have it out of a total number of cases of 952 in California. The numbers of confirmed cases for the virus globally are complete BS. I think you could easily multiply California’s cases now by 100. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg on confirmed cases and the worst case scenarios. I’m certain now that the total fatality rate of infected people will be under 0.2%. The main issue is that there is no herd immunity and vulnerable people are picking this up way easier than they would other viruses. This is what is overwhelming the medical systems.


Indeed. Why must all the victims remain anonymous? And why have such a large proportion of celebrities contracted it in comparison to members of the general population? :thinking:


To be honest, Lombardy blows all notions of cover-ups or case fatality rates out of the water. China Virus swamps your health service. Either believe your eyes or go down a rabbit hole, your call


Yep, you’re right. I wasn’t taking Italy into consideration when I posted that comment. Just found it unusual that no names of the deceased have been published in Ireland, US, UK, Canada etc.


99% of Patients Killed by Coronavirus in Italy Had Existing Illnesses, New Study Finds.

Nearly half of them – 48.5 per cent – already had three or even more health conditions before they were diagnosed with CoVid-19.

Another 25.6 per cent had two other ‘pathologies’, while 25.1 per cent had one.


I dunno, but can we mock him for closing borders to the Shengen zone only, leaving Switzerland and UK open? (Even though they had put no measures in place).
Can we mock him for closing down the CDC pandemic response teams?
Can we mock him for denying people would die?
Can we mock him for prioritising the stock market over the economy?

Your call :slight_smile:


Read down here, though, to what’s being found in the US:
The US is testing only severely ill, oh and rich sports people, but it seems like a different picture?


Testing test/s.

More on the subject of testing.


…For the most part, the validation and specifications for these tests have not been publicly released, and probably have variation across methods and even laboratories . As a clinician, we look at the false positive and false negative rates of a diagnostic test. However, even very accurate tests can lead to a very high false positive rate, if the condition prevalence is low. How? The answer is through conditional (Bayesian) probability. Imagine if you have a population of 100 people, of which 1 truly has Disease X. Your test has a 5% false positive rate, and a 5% false negative rate. If you test all 100, ~6 will test positive (the one true positive, and the 5 false positive), but only 1 will be truly positive. This means, even with a 95% accurate test, there is an 87% chance that a positive test represents a false positive!

Read more here:


A nephew of mine lives in London has the virus along with 3 or 4 of his friends. He is not a celebrity so he is not in the news. In fact the hospital he visited, and where he was examined, didn’t even officially test him, just told him that he had the virus and to go home and self-isolate unless his symptoms got a lot worse. So he is not even among the official UK statistics. What is your point?


To clarify for my own cognitive failure, did they actually test him or simply make an informed diagnosis based on presented symptoms?


The latter. This seems to be (or have been) a commonplace approach in certain hospitals in the UK at the time that he visited. He was taken into a separate waiting area along with others who presented with similar symptoms and the same approach was being taken to all as far as he could see. Then he was sent back out to find his own way home. I am sure that most people diagnosed like this in London subsequently make their own way home via public transport or taxis used by other members of the public, as he did as he didn’t have any alternative.


I accept he’s a blowhard. But he does get mocked and copied. For years he’s been banging on about outsourcing etc and mocked as dangerous to US national interest and prosperity for it. Well he’s been proven right.

You can accept a blowhard buffoon is more right than you or not, your call.


Congratulations, you win the false dichotomy award. He’s a complete blowhard and speaks only to his base, and even then only when it suits his rich base.
If you look back at my posts, you’ll see I too think globalisation is largely a bust for most people the work is outsourced from. That doesn’t make me any sort of savant either. I am just another idiot who is occasionally right.

If you really want to be contrarian to the prevailing wisdom, you have to understand what you’re being contrarian about. You have to move beyond your self-interest (I work in a globalised industry that’s in the shitter at the moment, globalisation is in my economic interests, but rationally I believe the level and pace of it to be a mistake). You can’t just call everything a hoax or a plot.
Well, you can, but that makes you a blowhard.

Exhibit A… one blowhard.


Data is the point IMO. Mortality, transmission characteristics, co-morbidity risk factors, the ability to form a prognosis for future cases years from now. This is all driven by data crunched by statisticians and epidemiologists. Covids true characteristics might mean everyone under 40 can go back to work, maybe not but if people are ‘diagnosed’ and not recorded as such then the true picture will never be known.


Hold on a sec. The man’s been using the word “China” in every second sentence for 4 years. Then where does the next big crisis come from…China. He still gets attacked. Either give him credit or get suspicious.


What I can’t get my head around is stories of one person at a Wedding or Church infecting 50 people. How does that fit in ?