Coronavirus 2020


Myself and the ball and chain were a bit under the weather since the weekend, slight sore throat, feeling tired, I had a bit of a cough, no fever and are more or less better today, we both think we might (50%) have it/ have had it. We discussed getting tested, I said no - simply because it is a waste of resources. We have both been housebound since the 13th only visiting the supermarket (and off-licence :wine_glass: ). The backlog might be largely composed of people like us? I would jump at an antibody test in the near future.


It may become as accepted as taking off your shoes and the rest of it, at airport security, if its the price for resuming the life and patterns we had before.


Woman, 21, with no pre-existing conditions dies from coronavirus in the UK. There are 427 deaths in the UK already so it does make sense that it would start hitting younger people hard too. She doesn’t have any pre-existing conditions though so there may already have been quite a few with pre-existing conditions dying already.


I’m in a similar boat, not feeling great the last few days but thankfully a bit better today, very occasional slight cough, slight sore throat, bit tired, no temperature or breathing difficulties, just generally run down.

I’m WFH and minding little uns, maybe it is Covid19 maybe i’m just exhausted, maybe both, but I’m fine and I don’t need to be wasting medical people’s time. I’ve hardly left the house since the schools were closed and I’ve no need to go anywhere for a few more days.


And its already starting.


From Twitter
Prince Charles is isolating at Balmoral with Covid-19
Prince Andrew is isolating at Windsor with Jennifer-17


Myself and my missus have had something similar. Slight cough, sore throat and my nose is running. My wife had shivers, I put her straight to bed and they were gone in the morning.
There are people in my wife’s job who have been diagnosed by the doctor with COVID but hasn’t got a test yet. The most serious case is on the mend now but they said it was the worst sick they’d ever been, worst than the flu. They had to sleep on their chest to breath easy, sounds scary enough.
We’ll not get tested as we didn’t get a fever/high temperature and we’ve not been in contact with outsiders since Friday.
I do think that anyone who has been diagnosed by a doctor should get a test but you have to be a medical professional/a contact/travel from a hotspot or be a high risk group. This is not a way of detecting undiagnosed community transmission and defo not “test, test, test”.


Yeah, I know a young man who had a bad enough cough who wanted to get tested. His doc correctly told him to jog on. The cough is gone now. Test, test, test is out the door now. Ireland doesn’t have the capacity, Why did they set up all the test centres if they didn’t have the testing throughput? PR stunt in my estimation, calm the sheeple.


Lombardia had 99 542 deaths in 2018.
In 2017, cause of death, Male, female, total:
diseases of the respiratory system 4 016 4 248 8 264
diseases of the circulatory system 13 743 18 709 32 452

There was 4,178 deaths with confirmed COVID-19 in Lombardia alone.

Mayor of Bergamo and others claim that there is a lot of people dying at homes without being tested.

The true impact of COVID will be seen in few months when statistics are available.

Alzano Lombardo and Nembro, the Bergamo heart of the emergency, pay a huge tribute. 62 people have died in Alzano [0,5% of the total population] since 23 February. A year ago there had been 9. In Nembro the mayor Claudio Cancelli observed with cautious optimism a decline after dramatic days: «The drop in deaths is significant, especially compared to the period from 10 to 13 March. Since the beginning of the month in Nembro we have had between 110 and 120 [1% of the total population] deaths. In the same period last year 14. This is enough to understand ».

Italian stats office:

I was watching some UK news last night and apparently most London hospitals will run out of ICU capacity till the end of the week.

Madrid numbers are not right. It must be 100k+ infected there already.


Reasons to be (somewhat) cheerful…fingers crossed.

Dr Holohan says the fact that the number of new daily cases has not reached the level previously predicted is welcome.


The internet is full of tools berating Leo because his projection of 15K cases by months end will not be hit. It is just beyond comprehension.


But are we not going to hit the 10k to 15k mark because we are testing so few and getting results out quick enough?


Not for that but Leo and Arlene certainly deserve berating. We’re an island. We could have shut off non residents from coming and quarantined those residents returning from affected areas. We did this to appear good globalists and to keep our tourism sector going for a few weeks. The result of this error is that the whole economy is gone into hibernation and tourism has had to completely shut.


look, whole EU is f… PPE is missing everywhere Italy, UK, Spain, Sweden… People should go to jail for this stuff.

Everyone knew, nobody acted.


Under what laws could they have done this at the time?

We can’t even deport known Islamic terrorists to the swamps they came out of - it might affect their “human rights”.

Back in the 1990s and 2000s there was a marked increase in HIV/AIDS coming in from Africa but dare mention it and you’d be considered a 'wacist.

(And I’d be the first to agree that the idea of open borders and “freedom of movement” was a daft idea and is probably history.)


Another work colleague of my wife is married to a nurse who caught C19. The partner now has it and has lost their sense of smell and taste. The nurse had lost both too. They say it’s really odd they put a bottle of bleach to their nose and can’t smell a thing. They ate some chilli, could feel the burning sensation but couldn’t taste it. I’m reading that, that is quite a common symptom how come it’s not listed?


We could have done this but we would still have to do testing and tracing. Its impossible to think that not one infected person would get through, with an earlier border shutdown and mandatory quarantine.
And later to reopen borders to allow some movement of people and services, we are going to need these systems in place.


I was talking about the benevolent dictatorship in my head lol.

But I am serious. The mismanagement of this by Leo and Arlene has been shocking.

Another thing. This wishy washy advice on facemasks ? ‘wear it if you want…may stop you spreading but not getting it etc’ Facemasks fucking work !


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Thats one of the techniques used in ICU - I would have been dialling 999 long before I got to that phase