Coronavirus 2021

Planning decisions are being made on incorrect data.
New admissions including Dec 1 to Dec 30 is 488. Discharged is 385 so expect an increase of 103 for that period in those confirmed in hospital but figure went up by 230. Busy hospitals are not prioritizing reporting figures correctly.

Decisions are being based on numbers produced by Covid tests (I get you and others on here have a huge problem with the validity of the tests but please park that argument for a moment) and we can’t even report those correctly. The figures need to have the kind of transparency that doesn’t have people who can add, subtract, multiply, divide and do basic percentages asking WTF?
“Professor Philip Nolan, said he estimates there are around 4,000 positive cases that have been reported by laboratories in the last few days but have yet to be officially confirmed.” and The CEO of the HSE Paul Reid has said “The real picture over the last few days is most likely getting close to 3,000 cases a day”. This is accompanied by giving nightly figures and quoting on the covid app the % positive in the last 7 days not matching.

I have come to the conclusion the % positive is not based on the number of positive cases reported. I can only speculate its based on figures in the pipeline. For example suppose for yesterdays tests we might have only 1,500 results back and 300 or 20% came back positive. If 15,000 were tested yesterday the people behind the covid app presume a 20% rate for the entire population tested.

It should be noted the last single days positive rate I’ve heard on tests was 18.3% on 30th December when 14,000 tests a day were being carried this gives 2562 positive cases but figures reported were 1620. “In terms of testing, Prof Nolan said demand is very high, with around 14,000 per day. He told the briefing that the positivity rate is now higher than it was in the October peak during the second wave, and that yesterday 18.3% of tests taken came back positive.”

Nolan and Mathematics. Argument is over there.

In the UK the “positive” test results increased almost ten fold when mass testing was subcontracted out from NHS labs to private commercial testing labs. The labs where there was the multi whistle-blower scandals in the last few weeks, So any huge increase in positive rate will mostly likely be due to sloppy testing labs procedure and contaminated reagents, nothing else.

For reference given the likely current SARs CoV 2 prevalence rate (0.3% - adult) and that its height of flu season there are probably about currently 10K adults in Ireland with active infections , and 30K plus children. Even if every last one of them was identified and tested using RT/PCR the number of adult who tested positive might top 4K with a well run lab. 1K or 2K with a badly run lab.

Of those with an actual SARs CoV 2 infection at the moment maybe 20 might die over a 15 day period. In the same period last year at least 10 to 15 people would have died every day from pneumonia. Based on statistics from other countries at least 80% of deaths from SARs CoV 2 viral pneumonia are displacement cause deaths. As the death rate from SARs 2 infections went up the death rates from other viral pneumonia causes has gone down. So mostly very sick people just dying of one thing rather than another.

Which is why the total death rates have not gone up very much in almost all countries. Very much within the last two decades annual range. In the UK and Ireland they are actually near the lower end of the range for this year. Most likely due to much lower hospital admission rates than in normal years. Hospitals actual kill lots of people. Due to secondary infections and botched medical procedures.


Below, CDC guidance on death reporting.
The guidance defines ‘immediate cause of death’ as ‘the disease or condition that directly preceded death and is not necessarily the underlying cause of death (UCOD)’

Nowhere does the document use the term ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, maybe because even that would be too strong a term to describe the role of covid in the dying of many terminally ill patients.

Up to 60% of US health workers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines | Daily Mail Online

Up to 60% of US health workers are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines over fears of side effects

*** In Ohio, about 60 percent of nursing home staff say they will not get a COVID-19 vaccine **
*** In Los Angeles, between 20 and 40% of health care workers are refusing the shot**
*** About half of health workers in Riverside County, California, are saying ‘no’ **
*** Dr Fauci says a national vaccine mandate is unlikely, but that some institutions probably will choose to require vaccination**

Thousands of health care and frontline workers across the US are refusing to get COVID-19 vaccines as the rollout of the shots in America continues to sputter.

Up to half of health care workers in on California county and a Texas hospital say they will not get the shot, 60 percent of nursing home staff in Ohio are turning down the jab and 40 percent of frontline workers in Los Angeles won’t get it either, polls reveal.

Respondents to a number of surveys cite fears of dangerous side effects, health care worker forum posters say they feel they are being used as guinea pigs and experts blame misinformation.

Although life-threatening side effects are rare, examples of them cropped up in the first days of the vaccine rollout with two health care workers in Alaska - one of whom had no history of allergies - suffering anaphylactic shock minutes after getting the first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

If anyone has not figured it out yet it will be asymmetrical pressure and techniques to get it the genetic marker heavily marketed as a “vaccine”, that is a genetically modifying you (this is nothing but a phase 3 live trial disseminated across populations by all accounts) - an out right mandatory imposition would provoke the natural reflex to resist - but still, it is evident online that the majority are not buying the magical narratives, so more pressure may have to come to bare, more “events”, more “mutations”.

Wanna… fly/school/job/graduate/travel/sex/party/eat… etc. etc.

All the methods are insidious, and they require multi angle attacked, multi-faceted attack on the mass mind done over a period of time, it usually never comes from one angle or all at once (except when you need to run the Attack Of The Virus movie, a 9/11 for the mind), that is too obvious and violent, for example The Smoking Ban is the model.

The whole lockdown show is also built around leveraging one crucial faculty of successful western societies, the ability of most to “defer gratitude”, they design the whole compliance model based on this one primal and crucial ability, which has served us on the road to incredible survival success and civilisational achievements, but is now leveraged as the warden of our own (self) imprisonment.


Government to consider extending time between Covid vaccine doses (

Government to consider extending time between Covid vaccine doses

The State is to examine if the time between the two required doses of Covid-19 vaccinations could be extended in order to accelerate the rollout, as is being done in the UK.

Prof Brian MacCraith, chair of the State’s Covid vaccine taskforce, told The Irish Times that the issue of increasing the gap between vaccine doses had been discussed by the group in recent days.

“On foot of our discussions, a formal request has been issued from [chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan] to request [the National Immunisation Advisory Committee, NIAC] explore the issue and provide some guidance on the matter.

“Given that we want to be as ambitious and effective as possible, and given the backdrop of rapidly rising numbers and our prioritised focus on the vulnerable in nursing homes and frontline healthcare workers, we have to consider all options,” he said.

Prof Karina Butler, the chair of the NIAC, told The Irish Times she was contacting counterparts in Europe and the UK to seek more data, which would have to support any recommendation or guidance on the matter.

“Current recommendations are based on the trial results where two doses 21 days apart were scheduled. The question is whether that gap could be lengthened to 28 days, as was used in the Moderna trial, or even longer, possibly six or 12 weeks.”

She said any decision would depend on what the data indicates, and would not “pre-empt” the process.

If such a step were taken, it could get the vaccine to more people more quickly.

The UK move has attracted criticism, and any similar move by Ireland would need regulatory approval, Prof Butler said, adding that those who have received their first dose would not be impacted.

Why would anyone consider taking a novel experimental genetic concoction that has a massive (probably incalculable to average person) risk, because “mind control”, is that it? hmm? Hmm??? Is that all it takes? :thinking:

Since December 1st, up to Jan 2nd (todays latest numbers), the average C19 case requiring ICU is 1.8 per day, with a a total of 60 people requiring ICU for this period.

The average for the year to date requiring ICU with, is 2.33 per day, a total of 622.

The highest figure for single day admission to ICU occurred early on at 30 on the 8th of April, 2020.

If you look at the dashboard “confirmed cases 56” in ICU appears to match the total daily cases requiring ICU for the period 2nd Dec 2020 - 1st of January 2021.

The daily column is a simple subtraction from the previous days total against the current days total, it is not included in the official datasets.

Here is the table for the period:

Date Total Cases Req. ICU Daily Cases Req. ICU
Dec 1 622 3
Dec 2 624 2
Dec 3 624 0
Dec 4 623 -1
Dec 5 628 5
Dec 6 628 0
Dec 7 630 2
Dec 8 630 0
Dec 9 633 3
Dec 10 638 5
Dec 11 641 3
Dec 12 641 0
Dec 13 641 0
Dec 14 641 0
Dec 15 647 6
Dec 16 649 2
Dec 17 653 4
Dec 18 654 1
Dec 19 654 0
Dec 20 654 0
Dec 21 654 0
Dec 22 659 5
Dec 23 660 1
Dec 24 662 2
Dec 25 667 5
Dec 26 669 2
Dec 27 664 -5
Dec 28 666 2
Dec 29 666 0
Dec 30 671 5
Dec 31 673 2
Jan 1 678 5
Jan 2 679 1

Today, Jan 2nd, total cases is a whopper all time high of 3,394! :fireworks:

1 submission to ICU.
4 Deaths

Comparing, April 2020 with Dec 2020 the numbers are as follows:

April 2020

Deaths Cases Tests
995 14,196 138,846

Dec 2020

Deaths Cases Tests
191 19,380 457,692


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The more you test the more cases you’re likely to find, but how many of the current positives were actually old cases from the start of 2020, the virus still inactive in their bodies?

The 5 fold reduction in deaths tells the story, the true April figures must be north of 70,000 assuming a similar death rate.

Maybe not 70k if you factor in the nursing homes quiet slaughter.

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Even prior Coronavirus strains could cause 8% case mortality rate in elderly, they should have been protected immediately. An Outbreak of Human Coronavirus OC43 Infection and Serological Cross-reactivity with SARS Coronavirus - PubMed. The nursing home deaths should be a greater scandal, but get no attention in the overall narrative.

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First France, now Fauci, talking about vaccines being mandatory for services like public transport… Dr. Fauci on Mandatory COVID Vaccines: 'Everything Will Be on the Table'

Seen on twitter… “if I wanted to generate vaccine-resistant-SARS-CoV-2 variants »

Presumably you wouldnt have to fund the provision of these services via taxation if you were to be precluded from availing of them? Or is that a silly question…

It gets better, when tested 10% of all hospital admissions for respiratory illnesses had active human-corona virus infections (usually 229E and OC43). The unadjusted case fatality rate for people with these infections was between 20% and 30%. The majority of mass mortality pneumonia outbreaks in care homes were cased by general circulation corona-viruses. I think it was OC43 in one of the worst outbreaks in a British Columbia home which killed around 100 people. Nothing unique about that outbreak, just the death toll. These outbreaks usually only kill around 10 or 20 and never make the news.

There was nothing new or different about SARs Cov2 when compered to the other four human corona-viruses. Same kind of infection rates, same kind of asymptomatic rates , same kind of hospitalization rates, and it kills the same kind of people at pretty much the same rate from viral pneumonia. And we will all get infected with it at about the same rate as all the others. A few dozen times during our lifetime, mostly as kids. With mostly the same results. A very nasty cold.

Thats what all the fuss is about.

Does anyone know the approx. time lag or better, the turn around time for processing test results that generate the cases number, is it 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours… or longer? (HSE)

Edit: It appears to be previous day up to 3pm, but I am not totally sure or if it indicative of the age of the samples to be processed.

According to the HSE press release median time about 3 days for “positives”. Which for true positives given that during the 10/15 day active infection cycle only about 5 to 7 days max will return true positive which means that about half of true positives will already be near the end of the active infection cycle by the time the results comes back. So the only clinical utility of these tests is to tell someone who is already sick that that they are sick from an untreatable viral infection rather than a bacterial infection which can be treated… Thats about it.

The only mass surveillance test that would any clinical diagnostic value during a pandemic is an antigen / speleological that had a 90%+ accuracy rate during the initial 3 days of infection. And would have to be an instant on-site non lab based test. Such a test does not exist for RNA viruses and probably never will.

Which is why all screening test are futile. Just political theater.

Exactamundo… 3 days its is so.

Next question for the floor:

Does anyone have any idea where all he demand comes from for testing, excluding Hospital demand which cna be run in-house - what is there Hospital out-house, GPs, HSE clinics, Covid testing parties… ???