Coronavirus 2022

Many of the things prognosticated in 2020 and even before, long before, have come to pass, with more to come.

You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.

– Abraham Lincoln (says the internet)

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Seems to be a growing body of opinion that lockdowns may have caused deaths in children…possibly even more than Covid did.

Dr Tassos Grammatikopoulos is one of the country’s leading paediatric liver specialists and at Kings College Hospital where he works they have seen a rise in cases this year.

He said: "The most recent lockdown and the pandemic has probably played a part in this because children have not been exposed to common pathogens to common infections, like they would have had we all been out and about venturing in the community.

On first glimpse of that link and MSM quote it reads like total bollox tbh.

This technique of using the awkward truth, is applied when they need to hide a new devastating truth.

The awkward truth in this case is 2 years old, so used up, beside the point, and originated as the other sides argument.

What’s that, A virus you say, killing children in hospitals no less?

A novel hep virus!? :thinking:

Quick to the lockdown Cave!… not.

The levels of gaslighting by the killing perps has not stopped, nothing has changed.

The perps are still at large.

Injection induced AIDS+ / VAIDS

Article on potential mechanisms of shedding

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Just published! Starts on the liposomal components at around 5 minutes.

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Act now to protect Ireland’s sovereignty: stop the WHO global pandemic treaty


Billy having none of it - people need to stop harassing him and let him get on with what’s best for us.

“Very concerned about the latest campaign from the anti-vax movement to oppose the WHO Pandemic Treaty. The text hasn’t been completed yet and I’m already received dozens of emails per day. Falsehoods and mistruths must be called out”

That’s ist…

That is some ratio…

Excellent paper - worth a read & to share. Nothing new to anyone here, but very well summarised.


This once again, but via 4chan.


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