Coronavirus 2023


" Are Vaccines Fueling New Covid Variants?"


Instead of shock, apply the awkward truth rule here

Use a older and irrelevant truth (that was awkward to reveal at the time) to serve as a misdirection from the immediate and relevant awkward truth of and hope no one notices.

Think of it as sacrificing old lies for new ones.

Wow. Who could think that’s possible??

Oh. Wait. Chickens & Marek’s disease. Known about for decades.

Why you don’t inject billions with a brand new fucking drug.

Tbh I’m more leaning towards the induced immune tolerance / IgG theory (specific to Covid) at the moment.

Possibly wishful thinking that we neither have horrific variants or that people have totally messed up immune systems across the board.

For many of the events, “the chi-squared is so high that, from a Bayesian perspective, the probability that the true rate of the AE of the COVID vaccines is not higher than that of the non-COVID vaccines is essentially zero,” Norman Fenton, a professor of risk management at Queen Mary University of London, told The Epoch Times in an email after running the numbers through a Bayesian model that provides probabilities based on available information.

“The onus is on the regulators to come up with some other causal explanation for this difference if they wish to claim that the probability a COVID vaccine AE results in death is not significantly higher than that of other vaccines,” Fenton said.

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Young lad life ahead of him:

Then this langer replies…

Cilian replies to Dr Langer:

Oh gosh and oops again…

It said this was not statistically significant and the greater reduction in schools where masks were worn could be down to chance.

The review also acknowledges the use of face coverings could harm learning.

But a full analysis of the costs versus benefits of the policy has not been done.

These idiot doctors remind me of the Germans living beside the death camps saying they didn’t know what happened. They are incredibly disturbing. I don’t know how any doctor could believe that any drugs that did a 10 week trial could be safe. Especially a completely new class of drug that is incredibly complex compared to previous ones. 90% of drugs do not make it past medical trials. 75% of drugs that do pass were almost identical to drugs that have passed previously. The actual chance of these new complex monstrosities passing a drug trial is ridiculously low. The ability of doctors to dismiss this is pure evil. There is something extraordinarily wrong with the medical profession. We have known for some years that the Pharmaceutical industry is corrupt beyond belief.


I was blocked by that guy, who isn’t even a medical doctor, after I raised the question of his funding by the Wellcome Trust/Gates Foundation. Aside from that, he appears to have some kind of mental issues/authoritarian complex towards anyone who dissents from official narratives.


No vaxx… No hospital, no icu and won’t die. The more vaxx, the more likely you get sick, will be hospitalised, go to icu and die.

And they have just stopped collecting the data.


Oops cropped labels. Column 1 is hospitalised. C2 is icu. C3 is death

Ireland is a small country & medicine in Ireland is tiny. If you don’t have family in it you really don’t realise, can take a while even for new doctors. It’s hierarchical, much more so than other countries, and a lot depends on references. Working conditions for all in the health service is poor, they are in survival mode & have been for decades, but still trust authority. It’s Stockholm Syndrome at its finest. There are complicit ones obviously, looking at career trajectories can be interesting, but a lot of the rank and file are likely still deluded. They got preferential (sarcasm) treatment to get the jabs first, remember. The cognitive dissonance to then see it as dangerous is huge.

But yes, crazy crazy coercion, timeline, jabbing everyone without trials, the scalability of producing doses, giving to pregnant mothers :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: this is why those processes exist - so that emotion / emergencies can’t be used to twist or ram through dangerous shit.

I got blocked as well for pointing out he just has a PhD in applied physics from DCU. Which he got for some really stupid project. The sort of project that might have made a nice final year BSc undergrad project 40 years ago,

He is just a narcissist / borderline sociopath who became a media rent a quote a few years ago. He is too stupid to realize that he is only a go to rent a quote source because the real experts wont talk to journalists.

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It seems astonishing to me. I personally just would not continue to work in it on principle. I would change career. I understand everyone’s circumstances are very different in life though particularly if all their family and friends are involved.

It’s amazing to see my family’s doctor’s behaviour though.
One of my brothers got Covid early on and then later his job told him he had to get the vax to continue working. That doctor had told my mother that this was insanity. He’s already had Covid so he’s immune. He was saying to her that my brother shouldn’t get the vax.

Later, after my dad nearly died from the 2nd shot and my mother had a skin problem after it, that doctor said, he’s seeing numerous adverse reactions in the patients after the vax. Then, a week later, when I called home, my mam said that the doctor said it wasn’t the ‘vaccine’. I said to her, what are you crazy, he’s already told you it was last week.

None of my family would follow my advice regarding the ‘vaccines’ by the way, even though it was my field of study for my PhD. But, at least they were not aggressively shouting at me like a few other people I know. Madness. Didn’t stop me warning everybody.

I then told my mother to tell the doctor that I was very against the ‘vaccines’ and it was my field of study (I did change career twice since that however, I would never work for a Pharma company and I thought that field of study would never get by medical trials. Not a hope). Anyway, that doctor then stopped giving out the ‘vaccines.’ Nothing to do with me I think , but he stopped and it seemed pharmacists in Ireland were giving them out.
When my parents were getting the boosters to travel, and it seemed that the doctor was back giving them, I had told my mother to tell him to give my father a very low dose. The doctor then would not even give my father the booster on the same day as my mother. He also had another family member who is also a doctor come in, and the family doctor gave the booster himself. Normally the nurse gives them. They did this so they could monitor my dad apparently. And gave it on a Monday so they could bring him to the hospital if needed… to be honest, I cannot believe that none of this would put my dad off, but all the neighbours were getting the booster so he was going to get it too.

Oh, and since that booster my mother’s skin condition got worse. That’s the last one for her. She said she’s never getting another one. Also, she had a pain in her leg after it. I was telling her to ask the doctor for a D-dimer test. The doctor said that if she got this she’d have to go to a specialist and they’d send her to hospital and it would be a major problem and cost a lot of money. He said it’s not a clot because there is no swelling but he did give her a prescription for anti-clotting medicine (i’m relaying all this above as 2nd hand information, by the way, from people that are in no way scientifically or medically trained). They also had gotten another booster in the Pharmacist one time previous to this. That doctor also was checking up on my mam in public, when he saw her. I think he might have even called her on the phone. He clearly knows something is up.

For me the whole thing is madness. The fact there were 4 funerals in our village in one day (very large village granted), of people that seemed to be in their 50s and 60s also. Just a bizarre situation. Never heard of before 2021.

If I find one piece of information that is wrong in some argument or narrative, it breaks it for me like a glass screen. I simply cannot believe that so many people just go along with whatever. No matter how many times the narrative is shown to be faulty. Medical professionals, general public, scientists. And yet I also meet many people who are the exact same as me. Sometimes those people have no training whatsoever in these fields and sometimes those people are highly qualified. Education level doesn’t seem to matter. I think I need to end the rant but it’s mainly about the fact that medical professionals are knowingly going along with this even when they know it’s wrong. I think that family doctor is doing his best under the circumstances but the system is incredibly messed up.


I’m not directly employed / involved any more but am often alongside those that are. I am considering (another!) career pivot but burnout, finances, Covid & the fact that I got a bit niche mean haven’t yet. There was always the “talking to a brick wall” feel about various things, but at this stage my head is literally done in. Plus anxiety attacks (literally at this stage) at the thought of dealing with particular people. I genuinely think some are sociopaths & if I think about that too much it is a bit terrifying to think of talking to them

You can’t tell people. More authoritative people than I are telling them very differently. Socratic questioning, or answering questions if people ask is alli have the energy for now.

My family, friends, connections all still believe this, or seem to at any rate. I’ve made new connections, but it’s not the same.


Don’t let the fuckers grind you down.


Living in 2 realities is very difficult.

Would you rather live in theirs?

No. Thought not. Keep the faith. We are winning.