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As much as I think this guy is a cowboy conman, I’m not sure if this is the bombshell information that people think it is. I’m pretty sure this was mentioned at the time. They got the genetic sequencing data of the virus very quickly, apparently, and then they started mapping out the parts that make the spikes. This is meant to be the selling point of this new technology, that once they have the genetic sequencing data they can then spin up ‘vaccines’ from it very quickly.

Yes just looked up an old article on when that data was released. Before January 11, 2020. I’ll post below.

The problem with the novel ‘vaccines’ is that they were never tested properly. Everything that happened after this was just a con-job to skip proper testing on these. I was always arguing, why are they not working on just dead virus cell vaccines, like previously. They use these every winter for the Flu… I know they are pretty useless but they were safe relatively speaking. They had no idea what this new stuff would do but you could be pretty certain it was going to be bad, it was so different to previous drugs. 90% of which fail to pass full length medical trials, 75% of the ones that pass are nearly identical to previous ones that passed. So it had about a 2.5% chance of getting through proper medical trials. And that’s a high estimation as these vaccines are incredibly novel. And don’t forget, that it has been shown that around 30% of drugs get recalled in the first 4.5 years after they are released… A disaster on every front.


We encourage you to be aware that under section 3.4.6 of the Good Medical Practice Code of Conduct, you have a right not to provide or directly participate in treatments to which you conscientiously object.

Looks like the legal profession will make more out of Covid than Bourla.

Speed. They take months to manufacture. The efficacy would vary year on year as they would have to guesstimate in advance the predominant circulating strains. Sometimes they would predict correctly & the manufactured vaccine would match the circulating strains. Or perhaps a different strain would take over & circulate, that the vaccine didn’t cover.

As has been mentioned before, in places like the UK, volunteers could give these. Liability would likely then fall in the supervising doctor as being responsible for oversight / prescription. Unless it was due to something like inadvertent intravascular injection (by non-healthcare, minimally-trained volunteers told “inject near shoulder!”) in which case who knows.

I know you are not vouching for the novel vaxxes in any way here and just steel manning their arguments but it’s kind of laughable that they say that it would not match the current strains if they were to use dead virus cell vaxxes as the spike protein on the coronavirus changes all the time. Every couple of weeks it’s immensely different to before. Hence, they were never able to make a common cold vaccine. At least the Flu virus is a bit more stable. The argument just doesn’t make sense for why you could use either type of vaccine for a coronavirus and hope it to be effective. At least the dead virus cell vaccines would have the other parts of the virus in it that do not change much, the non spike part also I mean, which maybe the immune system could then recognise even as the spikes change a lot. However, I suspect that dead virus cells are pretty denatured once they are not living but maybe there is something there. Regarding the speed issue, the Chinese seem to have been able to produce a couple of billion doses of the dead virus cell ones pretty quickly. I am not for any of these things because of the adjuvants though. The whole thing just seems like a plot to get these new products out to market without having to do adequate testing.


This is why I come here - points very succinctly & accurately put! I think they also touted the volume of production, but again the scaleability of a new production line of mRNA products at speed with proper Q&A… but ofc at first they were saying just the vulnerable. Just the elderly. Just enough doses for them. Then… suddenly billions of doses appear.


Global Health Advocates, together with STOPAIDS, commissioned a report series, exploring how a lack of transparency in the pharmaceutical industry and the European Union has harmed public health outcomes. Through legal and investigative research, the reports outline the circumstances in which COVID-19 vaccine negotiations took place and explore the level of influence Big Pharma had in EU decision-making. Together, the learnings from these reports have informed a series of recommendations that decision-makers can implement to increase transparency and protect both public health and democratic spaces.

Old news.

The Ombudsman has closed the inquiry and upheld her finding of maladministration.

The Commission’s response to my findings neither answered the basic question of whether the text messages in question exist nor provided any clarity on how the Commission would respond to a specific request for other text messages,” said Emily O’Reilly*.*
“The handling of this access to documents request leaves the regrettable impression of an EU institution that is not forthcoming on matters of significant public interest.”
“Public access to work-related text messages is a new area for the EU administration and one that needs to be tackled substantively and in good faith. This inquiry is a wake-up call to all EU institutions.”
“The recent revelations about lobbying tactics by an American multinational in Europe, including leaked text messages, shows the urgency of this issue for public administrations.” said the Ombudsman.

Now banned in UK to under 50s.

It means that millions of Britons will have had an eighth vaccine by next winter

Same story in the Telegraph

Just saw this in the Telegraph version which I hadn’t noticed in the Daily Mail version

Since April 2022 less than 0.1 per cent of eligible under-50s have got the third dose, for example.

Must have been plenty of time for ticktock dancing in the UK vaccination centers last year…

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A short one but a few more details on the latest JCVI recommendations reported in the articles above.

"I am sure that the 1976 FDA and regulators would have concluded the obvious, in that there are far more deaths and injuries from the vaccine programme than the vaccines are ever likely to prevent from any new Covid variant. So why are we continuing with what some have called the biggest piece of mass criminal negligence since the thalidomide programme?

Ever since I raised the alarm that the boosters are preceding relapses of stable cancers and the occurrences of new B cell-based cancers such as lymphomas I have been contacted daily by doctors from far and wide who are seeing the same but not being listened too.

A short history of vaccines highlights the tremendous good that has been done for humanity with their development. However, the failure to monitor the Covid vaccine adverse effects and deaths risks undoing all that good work and tarring all vaccines with the same brush."

Shake the spear

These stories coming almost daily now


Well worth watching for a reminder and sharing to help.

Never forget. War, year 3

"Bernard Durkan, a Fine Gael TD and a member of the joint Oireachtas committees on health, said more needed to be done to encourage the public to get vaccinated for their second booster.

He said: “The fact that people haven’t taken it up points to something. It could be that people are ignoring the warnings — and ignoring the warnings is a very, very dangerous thing.”

Points to something alright Bernard. :clown_face: