Coronavirus Wave 1 - Did you have it and with what symptoms?


I know of one family who were hit bad with a mystery virus between Christmas and New Year, the doc told them it was a Coronavirus, he’d never heard that phrase before and was shocked to hear it again in February. He’s convinced it was circulating since Christmas.

Coronavirus Wave 2

Did the Doc do tests?


I don’t believe he did, it was Docs assessment based on their symptoms, the Father didn’t leave his room for 3 days, fever, hallucinations, needed help just getting to the bathroom etc. One of the kids was in the same boat. The rest were not as bad but still said it was the sickest they had ever been. The wife did say she could hardly taste food. The symptoms were eerily familiar to them.

He works in a service industry and would be in close physical contact with a lot of people daily, he’d be highly likely to get whatever is going around.


Not sure I buy the whole Christmas bug thing to be honest. My family were badly hit by it too, both my parents and myself, pretty awful but none of us have had any follow on symptoms after recovery.
On the other hand I was speaking to someone in the UK in work the other day and he was saying he had it about six weeks ago and whilst over it now his lungs are still not great and he gets out of breath very easily. This ties in with many other accounts I’ve read of people who tested positive for it and had a bad dose.
Nobody I’ve spoken to, whom had the xmas flu, complains of the same.


Definitely more than one bug out there (there always will be), but my wife did have the shortness of breath and weakened breathing for a long time afterwards.

She would really like to take a test to see whether it was COVID-19 or just another flu that she caught.


I have a friend who was feeling lousy in January and went to his GP who put him on oxygen immediately after measuring his o2 saturation and this is a good indicator (Hypoxaemia with preserved CO2 clearance (Type 1 respiratory failure) some covid patients can effectively eliminate co2 but have impaired ability to oxygenate blood. Clearing co2 causes the urgency and panic when you can’t breathe, which is why we are told inhaling helium is dangerous - you clear co2 but don’t get o2 and can pass out without warning.


Thats my hope too, my old man, who is 80, has convinced himself that he has already had it, as a result I’m afraid he is going to be a little reckless once the restrictions are eased.

Antibody testing is extremely important in my opinion, not just in terms of who can work or not but also for vulnerable groups like the elderly etc to reassure them that they are safe to engage with normal(ish) life again.


I think this is a big issue, I know people who are convinced they had it in March, along with most of their small provincial town, and now think they are bulletproof.

I had a very odd illness over Christmas, mild symptoms, didn’t feel like eating for two days, (not like me!). But I’m not assuming I’m immune.


Not intended to be loaded. Genuinely puzzled. Where are all the sick people? Posted an anecdote which has made me further doubt the official line.

Inflated figures are not unique to the US, UK as well and indeed we have had it in Ireland (all posted here)

In the UK Teacher’s Unions have taken advantage of this to demand concessions. Vested Interested have taken advantage.

You don’t have to abscribe to ‘plandemic’ (I don’t) to point out the hysteria and dissembling around this.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

I don’t know the purpose of the abc. Seems a bit odd given the current state of affairs. I know 2 who passed away, bourh in their late 70s.

I know one overweight oaf, in his mid 50s. Nearly did him in. Fortunately for him he had very good NHS care.

Anyways, trumps has 99 days to rescue he presidential hopes. Pretending covid is not serious is not going to work.


I know three, none hospitalised. Two worked in the same care home. Two cousins and one neighbour, which was too close for comfort All had pretty bad doses and none fully recovered (around two months later). All in their forties. Honestly “plandemic” or not, its not a bloody joke.


1 in his eighties, died within 2 weeks of getting it.


I should mention know a couple in forties who had it (tested positive). No symptoms. Both work in a care home.


1 in his eighties, died within 4 days of getting it.


I suspect that my wife had it in January, before the world knew about it!


‘Not a joke’

‘Pretending its not serious’ etc.

None of this opinion changes the fact that Covid19 has a best estimate case fatality ratio of 0.006 (across all age groups) according to the US CDC. This falls very rapidly below 65 yrs old.

Economic shut down, curtailed liberties and mass fear because of this.


It’s not just about the fatality rate, thats far to myopic a view in my opinion.
Many that that had a non mild version (admittedly a lot of people, particularly younger people seem to get a relatively minor sickness) but it’s still a significant cohort, have longer lasting effects such as weaker lung function cognitive and behavioural changes etc, the effect of which may well be long term. Lots of people simply wont be able to resume work that they were capable of doing before, others may take early retirement.
It’s not like a common flu that ,bad as it is, you get over it and move on with your life as before.


I wasnt aware that there were long term problems for the recovered. Is there evidence for this? One doesnt hear about recovery stats much.

But point is please justify lockdown, unemployment, loss of freedom to travel etc.

You are right The IFR/CFR is crude and probably inflated by the misattribution of covid to deaths by other causes (see above).

As I recall, Life expectancy in Italy was about the same as average age of deceased from c19.


I’d be very surprised if our NPHET overlords weren’t featuring this in their twice weekly scare conference if the numbers weren’t significant.


I missed that. Did they publish something?

Sorry stupid question: How do they know there are long term problems during the crisis - weeks and months in?

Could this be distorted by the health problems of an already unhealthy cohort - the very frail, the obese etc.