Coronavirus Wave 1 - Did you have it and with what symptoms?


I know of one person who tested positive, and 7 others that were with him one evening (that included a dinner) and all had symptoms within 2 days. The one person that tested positive was in his late 70s and had to go to hospital. He was let out after a few days and was fine. One of the others that was in his 70s with very high blood pressure was told he could get a test in 2 weeks but, he was over it in 1.5 weeks from the date they said he could get the test. My friend who is fit enough and in his 40s also had symptoms but they were gone in 2-3 days. The wife of the person with high blood pressure also had it for about a week. Everyone was over it in a week and a half most didn’t feel too bad with it, most were in their 70s. One of my brothers that lives in Madrid also believes he had it. He’s in his 40s, and hardly noticed it. He didn’t get a test though, but he’s very social and it would be a miracle if he didn’t get it. I know of various others who have had it but those are second hand stories.


This is much like the cases I have heard about

Asymptomatic or minor symptoms. Fast recovery.

Meanwhile feels like we are heading for a second lockdown.


Loads. Google it. Even with most people having only mild initial effects, I’d prefer not to dice with it. What if it’s a virus that stays with you for life and produces repeated – or worse – infections over time. Chickenpox does that, and causes shingles. Cold sores do it, and live in your facial nerves forever after you are infected (which most people are by age five).


Thanks. Will check it out.


Seems to mainly be hypothetical - studies, announcements of research - rather than conclusions.


Cancer screening and mental health treatment are heavily impacted here and abroad.

Missed immunisations:

If our snivelling politicians are to slavishly hide behind very conservative public health advice then we don’t need to imagine any more threats for ourselves.


Another anecdote:

Eldery Family friend. Scheduled Chemo cancelled during lockdown. Was sent intoself-isolation. Missed chemo cycles.

Went for consultation last week. News bad. Chance gone.

A direct consequence of the lockdown.