Corporate enforcement

Inspectors have been appointed to delve into aquitions by Indipendent News and Media. The corporate enforcement inspectors are on the case. What is this all about?

is it possible to mention Denis o’Brien and not get sued? :smiley:

All started, when one company partly owned by DO’B (INM) was entertaining the idea of buying another company owned by DO’B which was newstalk fm. INM told the Dinnybots that their valuation was preposterous and Robert Pitt (INM) claims that he was being bullied by DO’B people. Seems to be the other big boys who own INM started investigating what DO’B were doing within INM…

Is it insider trading, share support schemes, who knew what schemes, sure we have had all that before, in other places. Nothing to see here, move along now will ye!

How is it that nothing worked in the Anglo Irish Bank saga. The Market Abuse Regulations. The Companies Act 2014. The Data Protection acts 1989 and 2003. The Protected Disclosures act 2014. The office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement 2004. Most of those organisations were in existence during the Banking collapse, from which this country will never recover during most of our lifetimes. No one was accountable, and was all the money wasted on smoke and mirrors.

here’s some background reading: … 3e61754ec6