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Schame to make cheap rentals available within two years

A federal subsidy scheme comprising developers, community housing advocates and local government.
Developers will get $60,000 Rental Tax credit plus $20,000 direct incentive to build new dwellings for rent at 80% market value.

Yet more proof that Aus government is in the thrall of Corporate Feudalism with tax breaks and ‘gift’ incentives of $80,000 (per unit) for developers.

The question needs to be asked (but not by any journalist or invested interest mind you).

Why was this incentive, or similar, not offered to potential first home buyers?

Answer. If it was offered to renters (potential FHO), they, as renters would no longer make up part of the vested interest’s rental portfolios.

The aim of every capitalist is to create a revenue stream that results from simply owning an asset. Ideally big business would like everyone to be a tenant paying them a rent. Just like back in the medieval feudal era. Except instead of an aristocracy, we have boards of directors.