Corragh Dtonn, Castle Road, Clontarf (-605k, -50.4%)

Was 1,200,000 then 1,100,000


Now 1,000,000

Back on the market in 2015, asking 675k … n/1104703/
117.2 Sq. Metres (1,262 Sq. Feet)
Detached House|4 Beds|4 Baths, BER D2
€534/sq ft

Was 1.2m (€950/sq ft) once upon a time? Wow. … -3/3300855

Now EUR495/sq ft

For the record, this dropped 675k → 625k

Makes the 650k asking price for this 3-bed terraced house in Clontarf looks very ambitious … in-1123288

Can’t find a sale on the register.

The saga continues. Now 595k … n-1241800/
Detached House | 4 Beds | 4 Baths, BER D2
115 Sq. Metres (1,238 Sq. Feet)
€480/sq ft

Hmm. Washing machine seems to be placed right beside the dining table. :unamused:

This would be competing with 24 Knights Bridge around the corner at 595k or €440/sq ft (plus management fee)