Cost of living in dear old Dublin is rising again

The last government were of the opinion that competitiveness didn’t matter, looks like the current government is no different

Shure who gives a f**k - property prices are rising XX

That was my thought exactly when I read it

Heaven help us if we’re forced to increase our corporation tax rates. I mean (seriously) what else has Ireland got going for it?

More great news and the sign of a thriving economy!

The consumer is ultimately to blame here,they really need to shop around.

The fundamentals are sound 8DD

I thought that as government policy “inflate away the debt” was the new “the boom is getting boomier”.


Blue Horseshoe

Presumably high rents explain the increased cost of living?

And will wages follow suit as readily as they did before?

Could I justify taking on a higher than originally hoped mortgage with the presumption that wage inflation will reduce it to a much lower burden over it’s lifetime. I wouldn’t count on it.

Of course Ireland could become more competitive if wages remain stagnant for the foreseeable. The ordinary folk will be able to afford less imported goods which should be good for our balance of trade too all the while they are forced to share in greater numbers in substandard rental accommodation to keep a roof over their heads.