Costa Del Kiev



Costa Del Kiev

A popular political & celebrity get away in 2022.

This thread is for tracking global figureheads visiting Costa Del Kiev

:ireland: Ireland

Simon Covney, WEF Member, Chief Fine Gael Builderberg Representative and Irish Min for Foreign Affairs & Trade.

Timmy Dooley & Billy Kelleher TDs visited Lviv in March.

Luke O’Neill delivered Medical supplies to the border in April.

Ceann Comhairle of the Dáil Seán Ó Fearghaíl and the Cathaoirleach of the Seanad Mark Daly visited late May

Senator Barry Ward there recently.

Bono & The Edge (Busking in a Basement)

Irish Qty
Politicians 6
Celebrities 3

:us: USA
Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker
Adam Schiff, shifty US Representative for California

Jill Biden May 8th

Mitch McConnell May 14th

Trudeau May 8th

:uk: UK
Boris Johnson (Primr Minister) - WEF Member

Annalena Baerbock, WEF member & Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany

:netherlands: Netherlands
Mark Rutte, WEF member & Prime Minister of the Netherlands
Wopke Hoekstra, WEF member & Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands

:poland: Poland
Mateusz Morawiecki, , WEF member & Prime Minister Of Poland


26/05/22 Prime minister Sanna Marin met with president Zelenskyy in Kyiv.

:united_nations: UN
Secretary-general Antonio Guterres

Tedros mid-may

Celebrities etc:

Angelina Jolie - 30/04/22

[U2] May ( Archived link: (alt. archived link

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Don’t forget Pelosi & Shifty have just been there too.



Apr 8, 2022


OMG Costa del Kyiv is spot on… how many are going over there for their photo ops?

Alternatively, some on twitter are starting to ask… are they bringing anything out? There are a lot of high level diplomats who would be immune to normal customs procedures & regulations. Doubt anyone would be searching St Angelina’s luggage too closely either. Does she have diplomatic immunity as a UN Ambassador?




Senator Barry Ward in Bucha at least.


Fake… pictures are in the link below.


I would add adrenochrome from the Azovstal underground facilities and body parts (still alive).


Sadly both very possible answers. Ukraine is/was a trafficking hub apparently. Five / six years ago I’d have had no notion of any of it… in some ways being awake makes the world make a lot more sense (I started digging because things were… too inconsistent too often) but the answers are extremely unpleasant.

I’m sure it will be no surprise to anyone here that Ukraine is also a pioneer in stem cell research & treatments.




Trudeau just arrived in town too apparently…


New borns being taken from mothers at both, told their children are dead, never seeing them again. At industrial scale levels via the maternity hospitals.

These stories. Out there.

True or not?


All Menace assets marshalled… including the shark, water skis and cameras.


From my memory he participated in at least 2 false flag “Islamic terrorists” Gladio style events, one in Nice, where he was dining in the restaurant.


There is a need for a lot of livers, to cover the vax injuries.



Jill Biden is there now.


Trudeau just arrived in town too apparently…

Prime Minister of Croatiać


New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan


Menace Mecca