Costs of Transport and Renting

Anyone else has noticed that the costs of renting and the costs of transports in the Dublin Area are closely linked.
I remember last year in December Dublin Bus raised the costs of the fares by 10%. That’s when rents first started to increase.
Now again Irish Rails, Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann are raising the their fares by another 9%.
That will likely push the rents in city centre higher by another 10% or so.
Is that done on purpose ?

CIE is raising fares because an agreement on temporarily reduced staff wages has expired and the govt won’t bail them out.

Approx €6 home in a taxi for the Mrs and me.

Alternatively we can take the bus for €4.70

However most days we walk :slight_smile:

I would give good odds that you’ve never seen the inside of a bus!


I had to google the correct bus fare.

I don’t recall public transport fares decreasing when rents were on the down slope not so long ago. So I’d say no, no colleration, let alone causation.

Transport fares never decrease, if anything they stay flat. In any case, they say there is a property shortage in Dublin, it was in the news several times over the past few months. There is plenty of properties in the Greater Dublin area that can be used but are left empty because people prefer to stay closer to Dublin centre. Why not helping people commuting with a fairer ticket price rather building new homes and risk a new property bubble ?

way back when.

2003	70.00
2004	70.00
2005	75.00
2006	80.00
2007	83.00
2008	90.00
2009	95.00
2010	105.00
2011	110.00
2012	115.00
2013	125.00
2014	137.50  + €5 for new leapcard
2015	145.00  + €5 for new leapcard

So almost doubled price in 8 years but no improvement in service.
Meanwhile the price has gone up 10% where I live in 8 years and they’ve added about 100 new subway stops, it costs me about a 1.50 euro return everyday with no junkies included.

That’s exactly the point. Between 2009 and 2011, rents went down yet the transport fares still went up making it a lot more convenient to live close to the city centre and creating a huge gap with the suburbs.
People renting close to city centre (especially students) are trying to avoid the commute, pushing up the rental prices.
What Dublin really needs is a cheap reliable public transport system, I am pretty sure our transport system is one of the most expensive in Europe.

How to transport costs (& rent) took on the Guinness index over the past decade or so?
I have a suspicion that they’ll outstrip inflation.

data will need to be added for 2014 -> … sindex.htm

And to think, that there is no real bus service as such after 11pm and before 6.30am in the capital!

I remember being surprised on holiday in Italy a few years back in Rimini, a regional seaside town. The local bus service ran for 20 hours a day!!!

Actually the service has improved quite a bit in recent years. Real Time displays have been a great addition to the network. Also, the streamlining of routes has definitely improved things. And the leap card is a nice addition generally.

Not that those things would be equivalent to a doubling in prices. I never used that Rambler service, but those that do seem to have been particularly badly hit. When I use public transport it is typically a single journey bus or luas ticket and the prices have actually dropped on those in recent years (when comparing Leap fares to the old cash fares).

So the price of oranges has fallen recently, when compared to apples. :wink:

The real time displays are an improvement, when present (I’d guess around 40% of stops), but anything was an improvement on a timetable that gave a single time of when the bus left the point of origin and some off-peak travel times to stages distant from your own. I’ve seen the look of amazement on visitors’ faces when I’ve explained that the time on the information post for a bus they were expecting imminently referred to a point maybe six miles away. :unamused:

Anyway, DB is still slow, expensive, unreliable and next to useless for any journey that isn’t radial.

All the real time displays do is expose just how many ghost buses Dublin Bus are running and how poor they are at sticking to timetables. I’ve regularly been at stops waiting for a bus only to have an “out of service” bus sail by with 30 mins wait for the next bus.

The worst was a Sunday evening in Malahide where there was a full hour between buses and the timetabled bus simply disappeared off the display about 2 mins before “arrival”. There were elderly people at that bus stop and only for the fact that I was heading into town and offered them seats in my taxi, they’d have been waiting till 11pm for a bus that may or may not have turned up.

Irish Water and CIE quangos are just tax collectors - Shane Ross -> … 10362.html