Coughlan’s US visit to address tax status

Is anyone else concerned that next month Mary Coughlan will visit the US to meet Obama’s Key members of staff to discuss Irelands tax status and the position of US companies based here. Her trip will have serious consequences for the Irish Economy, it will be a disaster.

I’m not at all worried about it. I mean, look how well her visit to Texas to talk to Michael Dell went !


Apart from sending the former social worker to discuss international tax policy and her general lack of gravitas, by going cap-in-hand at this stage, with Ireland getting a lot of negative attention overseas, it may highlight to the Obama officials, the need to tackle the issue of parking patents in Ireland etc.

Maybe better to bring Obama to Offaly; give the victim’s cross a lick of varnish and dish out some grádh mo chroí!

It would then be more difficult for him to give a PFO!

I guess Biffo’s helpers are looking for an invite for Paddy’s Day, which would be a better time to bring up the issue.

Last year, the Treasury Dept asked for a 1997 agreement on US multinationals, to be renegotiated.

Well, we are doomed so. Imagine her trying to take on Larry Summers…

Coughlan is irrelevant.

The consequences have already occurred. Prospective FDIs know what Obama intends to do. He intends to tax foreign US corporate earnings as if they were earned in the US. Just like the tax treatment ordinary American citizens receive. He’s been persuaded to hold off until the US economy stabilises. But the damage is done. FDIs can no longer plan long-term on using Ireland as a corporate tax haven. His declared intention is enough to transform Ireland’s prospects without any enabling legislation.

Not to worry. Mary earns more than Obama. She’ll run rings around him.

Oh mother of god

Because… she’s worth it.

Weak, weak, weak, weak. This has to be a joke, yes? :unamused:

Fuck me. As if I wasn’t depressed enough reading the thread on AA’s article. While I agree with TUG and (I think geckko), that log term FDI is not sustainable, we for sure need it for the next ten years. At least fucking send the one intellectual the party possesses (I mean that in the loosest sense of the word).

So you stop transferring profits from Round Island One to the US and start doing the opposite. It won’t get the US anywhere. Eventually globalisation will force corporate tax to zero, we’re just ahead of the curve.

…as per Shire Pharma et al. from the UK.

Gee, maybe lots of US multinationals will relocate here, and we’ll be a little island full of US corporate headquarters. Thus all the excess commercial office space will be taken up, and our developers will look like the true visionaries they are. 8DD

Looks like a crack down is coming.

Obama should look closer to home such as Delaware and New York LLcs.

yes, but that wont help us…

Oh it helps some of us allright :wink: