Could not happen in Ireland ROYSH ! … 96687.html

EVERY week parents of private school students are losing their homes to bankruptcy actions taken by cash-strapped schools that can no longer wait for overdue fees.

There had been a 25 per cent increase in schools pursuing debtors to bankruptcy in the past year, said Roger Mendelson, the chief executive of Prushka, a debt collection agency that represents more than 400 private schools.

He said that as a result, “across the nation a few homes every week” were sold by trustees.

Mr Mendelson said the number would undoubtedly grow. "Schools are tightening their attitudes. Previously schools were prepared to carry debt and to put up with parents who had made promises and paid small amounts on the drip feed …

Lose your home for school fees! Some people are nuts.

Blackrock and Mt Anville, and presumably everone else, have parents in arrears. <> Wonder are those fees up to date. :nin

I would go into debt to give my kids a good education
I would not go into debt so I could drop the name of the school at every opportunity

There are enough good public schools in this country that this should not happen.

But suerly every half way sensible conman put enough assets in his wife or childs name to pay the fees?

Any private school worth its salt can put up with a small percentage of their students’ parents going broke. Twas always the way. Its only the pretend fancy shcools that let in jumped up creamers that would need to peruse. mtanvillee and blrock are top of that list.


Stopped clock is ross O’Carroll Kelly and I claim my 5 Euro!!!

Private education is obviously worth every penny.

Heard from a school board member of a well known Dublin school, no not that one, that more than 50% of first semester fees for 2008/2009 are outstanding.

…heard it from the horses mouth yesterday that the best international school in Marbella ,which has many Uk and Irish kids,that the parents approaching the school about inability to pay fees were not the ones you’d expect,apparently its the people who were seen to have made their money and were set up for life !!..

The title of this thread is pushing the No Glee policy if you ask me.

:question: :question:

It’s a (poor) stereotype that the private school classes (pardon the pun) all speak with the RO’CK accent.

Would a thread title - ‘Hey Mister, let us keep da house I promise to give ye back yisser money’ be allowed?

Just my opinion.

Bren , the whole country knows that the highest ‘penetration’ of private education may be found in certain parts of Dublin ONLY . The rest of the country uses the state school system by and large .

Anyway back on topic, the same stress has also been reported at primary level


To be clear, my problem isn’t with the thread content I think that’s a legitimate topic. Just with the *ist of the thread title.

In the last 10 years the state education sector in parts of Dublin has shrunk massively as parents opted to go private …also supported generously by the state .

There are fewer state school places in south dublin , per capita , than in any other part of Ireland .

It is likely if not probable that in september 2009 a massive number of kids will show up at these schools and that there is no place for them .

There will be a lot of indignant screaming and shouting in the media when that happens but state schools are allocated resources in september 2009 based on their enrollment numbers in september 2008 and cannot respond rapidly to sudden unforeseen demand no matter how much noise is made .

Therefore the ’ private sector’ in these areas will have to come up with some coping strategies to spread the demand load as they have these resources in place already as they had the numbers in september 2008 .

This is not easy to plan and it is even harder to do it equitably and when under constant bombardment by loud boors with an overinflated entitlement culture . The mummies will still insist that little Johnny does his extra curricular whatnots and that the school will have to pay for him …or the taxpayer …or both.

However there is no alternative, it must be done . Planning starts yesterday !

It was in the paper recently that there are about 20,000 empty places in state schools. Lots of room for those who can’t pay their fees.

It just may not be in the school of their choice.

In my experience desirable national schools in south dublin are harder to get into than private schools. … 22215.html

Maybe they had set themselves up for life with Madoff. :angry:

Back off topic for a moment, the public/private schools distinction can be a bit misleading, it is more appropriate to distinguish between Fee-paying private on the one hand and non-fee paying private & national schools on the other. There are also a lot of fee paying private schools outside Dublin in, for example, Cork and there are also a lot of fee-paying boarding schools in small towns across the country.

The thing of it is that national schools / religious schools in disadvantaged areas weren’t expecting the voluntary contributions in the way that religious schools in more prosperous areas were.