Could our President intervene in the NAMA debacle?

There are a number of issues which cause concern in relation to NAMA:

-The massive cost to the ordinary taxpayer for years to come
-The history of Fianna Fáil corruption in relation to taking bribes from developers
-The collusion of developers and (Fianna Fáil-led) Nama as evidenced by CIF’s approval of it
-Bacon’s leading role in the setting up of NAMA even though Bacon was a Director of Ballymore Homes, one of Ireland’s biggest house builders and perhaps future recipient of NAMA largesse not to mention past largesse
-The fact that Bacon’s former boss was therefore Sean Mulryan who is know to have made payments to Liam Lawlor
-The liklihood that big cute whore developers will be able to find some legal excuse to wiggle out of any inconvenience NAMA will impose on them and that they may end up keeping all their assets on the grounds that NAMA is legally unsound on some spurious ground or other

(feel free to add to the list)

Anywez, I went over to to see whether Herself might be able to fend off this madness by refusing to sign the forthcoming legislation which Fianna Fail seems anxious to bring in as hastily as possible and keep people as ignorant as possible about for as long as possible before rushing it in. This is what is stated in relation to Her functions:

"Bills enacted by Houses of the Oireachtas are signed into law by the President. A Bill must be signed on the 5th, 6th or 7th day after it is presented to the President, but there are some situations when the President may sign a Bill earlier.

The President has an absolute discretion to refer a Bill to the Supreme Court to get a judgement on its constitutionality (but not a Money Bill or a Bill to amend the Constitution). Before making a referral the President must first consult the Council of State. The constitutionality of any Bill signed following a referral may not be subsequently challenged in the courts."

Not a Money Bill, it states.

Does this then mean that as soon as Fianna Fail rushes out a copy of the proposed NAMA legislation, during the height of the summer holidays (when people are at their most soporific), that, as long as a (stupified after the long holidays) Dáil majority accepts it, it becomes law, with no appeal mechanism via the President?

You try and get a full majority of the (FF+Green) Dail in August it’ll be hilarious, FG could probably beat it with a 3-line whip but then we’re running into fun territory.

If the Dail and the ECB/EU give the nod on the NAMA legislation then what’s unconstitutional about it (specifically, which article ? ) .

The President cannot just sleep the bill, she must sign or refer.

PS : If you don’t like NAMA then lobby the government against it.

Yes our President could do something and rest assured our President will

*'she will return to the source of creativity , return to the spring of our well being and embrace all the facets of the wonderful journey that we all must take to find the true value of the toxic loans, she will throw open the doors of Aras an Uactar Reiote and celebrate the diversity of the Nama portfolio. She will spare no chopper blade as she travels the length of breath of this fair green isle bringing the message of understanding and tolerance to all ftbs in NE. ’ *

Every Banana Republic has an El Presidente although in our case maybe its an Eile Presidente !

In short, no, she can do nothing.

And even if she could, it’s unlikely she would.

Edit: Of course by “would” I mean “would not”.

Mary McAleese is 14 year long itch that just cant be scratched.

bullshit .
Everybody can do something .
There are very few people who can do nothing and those misfortunates usually reside in hospices or are under the age of 8 months.

Too many people hiding behind the homer simpson, it wasnt me, it was like that when I got here, its the regulators fault , its beyond my terms of reference , i want my mammy type of defense .

based on her track record I would contend she cant (as in is incapable of) do anything but she could (if she had the personal capability) do something… sure what was she only a lawyer if she wasnt in Aras An Uactar Reoite she would be pimping herself down the forur Courts for 2,500 a day .