Could this work.? Anyone ever heard of operation blackarrow?

Have read this and possibly some of you here have even mentioned it, and maybe I’ve missed it if it has been posted already…Any thoughts from the Pinbrains?? (Was going to say Pinheads but yis can be a sensitive lot sometimes.) :laughing:




Appears to be a real person, or at least a consistent alias … 36692.html


Awful writing. I stopped at homo religious.


Why? :smiley:

I stopped at the header



stopped at "majickly "


Interesting… Am not qualified to say but there was some suggestion around these here parts that there should be a general minimum wage for everyone. Cannot find that particular thread at the moment. This Stanilaus guy seems to be advocating a version of this. Certainly he does make some valid points about the creation of money by the banks/ vested interests and we all know how that is working out.

On first reading it I thought " here we go, more Freeman malarkey" but he is against moral hazard and just bailing out those who made bad bets. He also appears to be against QE which as we know gets misdirected into further bubbles in stocks or bankers pockets… So question is…Is there another way? Is it possible to open the minds to explore options and not just presume that the only solutions are more of the same from the same idiots who got us here…? After all can any of the political/ financial, vested interests, crony capitalists be trusted to fix this mess without further punishing those who are either not on the inside track or just normal people who go to work and pay their taxes, (but seem to always end up paying for those at the top of the pyramid.). In short is there no other way??? :cry:

P.S. It is a long read :frowning: