Council houses - quick questions

Didn’t want to derail the “Dundon house thread” so putting my question here instead.

It’s my understanding that council houses were given to people on the basis of need.

How then can they later be sold to “private” individuals not availing of social welfare and who gets the money from the sale?
What kind of terms & conditions are attached?

Lots of buy your own house schemes introduced in the 80’s I think, many availed of the opportunity. I would guess the council sold the house to a tenant and that Wayne’s neighbours, for unfathomable reasons of their own, have decided to sell as the market has reached the bottom.

I’m asking about council houses in general.
Would they all have been earlier versions of current day “affordable housing”?

not really. they owned by the council and were rented to people with the rent level being decided on the basis of income AFAIK.

I don’t think all councils have the same criteria and conditions, gaius.

Afaik, a lot of the sales up to recent years (before the affordable housing, which is different), were to people who had been renting for a period of time and were then eligible to buy.

I looked at an ex Dublin City Council house a good few years ago ( 05 or 06) and there was a stipulation by DCC that because it was the first resale since becoming private, it could only be sold to a FTB and you would have to be able to prove that to them for the sale to go through,
otherwise they could veto it. Never heard of it before or since.

Fair enough. Thanks for responses.

Timely thread.