Councillor succeeds in getting his own land rezoned



Strong stuff there Josie.
How could anyone doubt Ireland’s future when we have elected representatives of such sheer brilliance.


And there we see the main reason behind the local needs legislation - it allows the existing landbankers and their cronies to build to the exclusion of everyone else.


Josie reckons he will lose out in the local elections , he is polling last of the FF councillors in Connemara and with nobody to pick up transfers from .

The 12 acre rezone is his legacy…to himself and to Clifden both .

It is not even IN Clifden , it is well outside it with no services and barely a road. The hotel itself is grotty and it has none of the charm of the rather ancient but superbly ambient Abbey Glen across the bay …I mean NONE !

A sharp letter to Mr Gormley about the 8 gombeen councillors who voted this in is in order, it was ( Correction after Homewrecker corrected me) Most of FF not all , all of FG and the one who voted against it is an Independent ! Let Josie pay to extend the sewage out there and to widen the boreens leading to it …Josie knows the rules as he has been a councillor for about 30 years now :frowning:


As far as I know one FF councillor abstained.

Same crap went on in Barna and Spiddal. FF and FG councillors have no problem crossing party lines to scratch each others back for their own private interests.


Pols in the Dail may well be under the spotlight

but it is the Councillors that are truly criminal

God help any of the pricks that darken my doorstep for the locals


Homewrecker , you are mostly correct but not precisely so :slight_smile:.

The minutes are below and the most votes against the rezone frenzy in Clifden came from a single FF Councillor , Cllr O Tuarisc although he abstained on Josies land at Rock Glen being rezoned and Tommy Welby (Ind) voted against ( unusually may I add as Tommy voted for many of them ) . … 855,en.pdf and pages 8 to 50 or so are all Clifden rezones .

The specific one is page 42 , Josie absented himself from the votes on his land but proposed or seconded nearly all the other rezones as well as voting for them.

The rezoning proposals were more or less all made by Conneely ( bar his own) and seconded by Seamus Walsh .

I have referred to the corrupt Galway County Council in the past , in certain cases such as Barna the planners themselves are equally if not more culpable.


Thanks for that 2pack. I hope O’Tuairisg gets some credit for his stance and the crap he’s had to put up with from Conneely and Walsh and their lackeys in the local media.


What local media pray tell , I had not seen much since that meeting 2 months back ?? I would enjoy an FF bunfight :slight_smile:

Bugger all here … emara_view


I saw the thread title: Councillor succeeds in getting his own land rezoned
and for some reason (perhaps I’m psychic) I KNEW it would be FF.

The country is beyond saving, beyond hope.



These corrupt councillers/planning officials are a worldwide problem in less developed countries as can be seen by the destruction of the Brazlian rainforest etc. It highlights how the rural gombeen parts of Ireland are far closer to Africa and South America than they are to Europe both in terms of the people they elect and the actions of the those elected once they gain power.


where is the enforcement in this country?
again nothing of legal consequence is pursued in matters such as this:
Outrageous :imp:
Gormleys new planning guidelines better be good and have some retroactive effect otherwise these gombeens get to go home with the “windfall” even if they are not returned on June 5th.

couple this with their "€10m golden handshake for councillors beaten in polls" … en-in-pol/

why is there no enforcement?
Code of Conduct for Councillors…ad,1956,en.pdf


Josie partially suceeded in the end although most of his other pork barrel rezonings were thrown out … forts-fail


Firstly I wish to thank all these people for the confidence they expressed in their own town, Clifden Co. Galway , and for all the money they invested to keep Clifden moving forward . The number of bankers who dipped into their own pockets to fund this laudable venture is touching , very touching . … -investors

Sham is quite an operator … vista.html


I persume Sham is from Tuam. :stuck_out_tongue:


At least karma has come to bite Josie Conneely in the ass. He’s the councillor who tried to get his own land zoned as residential awhile back. … s-own.html


When did they do the investment?

#18 … vista.html

‘Great news guys! I’m being sued!’


Sham was director of the following Irish Companies

Current Directorships (5)
Company Number Company Name Company Status

BVC partners were linked to BVC Gardens which was the development company ( I think)

see … 12895.aspx


So am I right in saying the whole thing was a sham? :angry: