Councillor succeeds in getting his own land rezoned

What local media pray tell , I had not seen much since that meeting 2 months back ?? I would enjoy an FF bunfight :slight_smile:

Bugger all here … emara_view

I saw the thread title: Councillor succeeds in getting his own land rezoned
and for some reason (perhaps I’m psychic) I KNEW it would be FF.

The country is beyond saving, beyond hope.


These corrupt councillers/planning officials are a worldwide problem in less developed countries as can be seen by the destruction of the Brazlian rainforest etc. It highlights how the rural gombeen parts of Ireland are far closer to Africa and South America than they are to Europe both in terms of the people they elect and the actions of the those elected once they gain power.

where is the enforcement in this country?
again nothing of legal consequence is pursued in matters such as this:
Outrageous :imp:
Gormleys new planning guidelines better be good and have some retroactive effect otherwise these gombeens get to go home with the “windfall” even if they are not returned on June 5th.

couple this with their “€10m golden handshake for councillors beaten in polls” … en-in-pol/

why is there no enforcement?
Code of Conduct for Councillors…ad,1956,en.pdf

Josie partially suceeded in the end although most of his other pork barrel rezonings were thrown out … forts-fail

Firstly I wish to thank all these people for the confidence they expressed in their own town, Clifden Co. Galway , and for all the money they invested to keep Clifden moving forward . The number of bankers who dipped into their own pockets to fund this laudable venture is touching , very touching . … -investors

Sham is quite an operator … vista.html

I persume Sham is from Tuam. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least karma has come to bite Josie Conneely in the ass. He’s the councillor who tried to get his own land zoned as residential awhile back. … s-own.html

When did they do the investment? … vista.html

‘Great news guys! I’m being sued!’

Sham was director of the following Irish Companies

Current Directorships (5)
Company Number Company Name Company Status

BVC partners were linked to BVC Gardens which was the development company ( I think)

see … 12895.aspx

So am I right in saying the whole thing was a sham? :angry:

Please leave.

How anyone in the last 10 years thought that building condos in Florida around Disney was a good way to make money I will never know XD

Land scams started off with selling swamp land in Florida, I suppose its a tried & true way of hauling in the suckers :unamused:

Good luck to Sham, he seems like a Bertie type of person.

He just snared a few Irish Gobshites with high asperations and money to waste.

Sure there was lots of them around at that time.

Marahaj was His sham name ,do ye know nottin in de sttled comunity.Good dog, good dog.I wonder was Tommy T.involved since He left Navan to live in Galway,Had’nt He a thing about Disneyland??..Interesting how all these fuckers are happy making their millions in Ireland,and then spend it in fucking Florida of all places.Was there nothing to invest in ,in Ireland,and before ye all jump all over my arse ,I dont mean invest in property,so there.!!! This josie CON neely seems colourfull,just like the stroke Fahey et al. Must be something in the water down in Galway Bay.?? What say you Mr. 2-pack our western correspondent ??? :laughing:

Article in the Sunday Times says that AIB are currently investigating Mr Declan Maher the branch manager in Clifden. Apparently he “issued a $60m loan guarantee to his own business partnership”. The letter was issued to Kevin Barry, an accountant who was also an investor.

The name of the entity is BMB Partnership and comprises Barry, Maher and Barry’s father.

And of course FF are up to thier necks in this too, former councillor Josie Conneely. It sounds a bit suspect as branch managers can’t authorise such big loans alone. This could run deep and those proposing NAMA should get to the bottom of such scandels.

Don’t you worry , Eamonn O Cuiv will have the entire $60m inside NAMA by next week and we will end up with somewhere to put our pensioners in the winter .

This letter was issued 4 years ago, maybe even 6 years ago ( see below) , why are AIB still investigating ?? More to the point , how many OTHER AIB branch managers issued similar letters :open_mouth: ??? :open_mouth:

Has Maher been suspended?