Councillor succeeds in getting his own land rezoned


interesting detail - sounds like a mansion off Malibu beach :angry:


I was in Dundalk yesterday and happened to spot a headline in the local newspaper: … -1-5544914



There’s no end to this shite … 78671.html

It’d want to be some house looking for 250k in rural Longford.


I’m not surprised that even the county manager wants to escape from Longford me. :smiley: … 78671.html

The house is on a near ghost estate called the Mills or Mills where an apartment is yours for a mere €28k , he bought in 2008 and the estate was heavily discounted in late 2008. I think they were €300k houses in early 2008.

Out back is a derelict building site with** a very dodgy looking sewage scheme** at the end of the estate.

There is no way that any proper auctioneer in Cavan (or in Longford) could have valued that house at €250k. The property register shows that the highest value paid for any house there since 2010 is €180k.


Found 15 results. Displaying 1 to 15 below.
Searching: Co. Longford
Clondra, Clondra, Co. Longford
€120,000 | 29/07/11 | House For Sale | 3 Bedrooms SOLD
Fisherstown, Clondra, Co. Longford
€200,000 | 30/07/10 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Rose Cottage, Clondra, Co. Longford
€160,000 | 12/10/12 | Detached House | 4 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms SOLD
Fisherstown, Clondra, Co. Longford
€150,000 | 13/08/10 | New Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Knappogue, Clondra, Co. Longford
€46,655 ** | 25/05/12 | Apartment For Sale | 3 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom SOLD
Rhymount, Clondra, Co. Longford
€40,000 ** | 21/06/12 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Aughnagore, Clondra, Co. Longford
€175,000 | 12/03/13 | Detached House | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms SOLD
Fisherstown, Clondra, Co. Longford
€13,500 | 23/03/11 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Richmond Harbour, Clondra, Co. Longford
€135,000 | 21/12/11 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Fisherstown, Clondra, Co. Longford
€111,000 | 13/06/13 | Bungalow For Sale | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms SOLD
Fisherstown, Clondra, Co. Longford
€100,000 | 10/07/13 | Bungalow For Sale | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms SOLD
Tarmonbarry Road, Clondra, Co. Longford
€181,600 | 16/10/12 | Bungalow For Sale | 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms SOLD
, Clondra, Co. Longford
€40,000 | 13/11/12 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
Dwelling House, Clondra, Co. Longford
€34,000 | 06/09/13 | Second-Hand Dwelling House/Apartment SOLD
, Clondra, Co. Longford
€150,000 | 03/05/12 | Site For Sale SOLD

I doubt Mr Caffrey got the Sligo job, I hear it has gone to an idiot working in Galway who paid himself a bonus when he blew 2x the already large budget on a public works program there some years back. Thats an each way bet for a disaster in Sligo to my mind. :slight_smile:


If it can be proven that the transaction was vastly overpriced then what’s the next step? Freedom of information requests to figure out who was the valuer and what was their reasoning?

If this reasoning is found to be lacking then is this open to legal and criminal proceedings? Who can instigate this process? It is essential for democracy that this is investigated, and any culpability is harshly punished.


Make a complaint to SIPO, just make sure you name every ‘Director’ of services in Longford who should have known the right thing to do (at least 1 was not involved but I cannot figure out which one). Eventually a confession will ensue.

Start by naming all of them to find out who hired the cowboy auctioneer in Cavan on behalf of Longford County Council.


Good news for Josie, it appears that FF will run 6 candidates ( for 9 seats) in Connemara for the local elections next summer. Josie, according to what I hear, is a shoo in for selection unless Martin manages to veto him in advance. Seemingly Martin is not inclidned to so do but there is a bit of a kerfuffle about his member registration in FF right now. :slight_smile:

Unlike Francie O Brien, Ivor Callely and the sadly missed Chris Andrews there may be a future in the one true party for Josie. Bless. :smiley:


And hey presto, Josie is back. :smiley: … -elections

Now it is only a matter of getting that ole ‘The Stroke Fahy’ magic bounce going and topping the poll in Connemara in May, what! :slight_smile: