Countdown to Irish General Election

So it also begins.

No matter how many sweeties FG hand over, they will be wiped in next Election

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That’s a given. If Sinn Fake get in. You will be wiped out.

will we do? I think they get in and just become a slightly less shit version of the current lot, we are not going to become cuba over night.


Did you know Panto is non-seasonal.

The whole official media cost of living political panto and faux tug of WAR looks to be designed to precede a sudden call or imposition for emergency UBI measures (temp or compared to pup which was a trial) all with brave new world hooks included, biw must be the manufacturing consent stage.

Hegelian dialect style.

I’ll be interested to see how many pre Election promises SF make. It has parallels to 2011 General Election, where FG/Labour were guaranteed riding into Govt but made way too may promises which were not needed. Many came back to bite them

e.g. Labour saying they’d remove college tuition fees and then shortly after joining Govt actually increased them

They’re all puppets of the same Menace Banksters.

Bertie II

Meanwhile here is the next Act, signalled March this year, they’ll pull the Gov around Leo return “untenable” blah blah blah and either A General election is called or maybe more probably as Martin indicated a coalition with SF yesterday is not impossible a continuity of Regime - , depriving the Irish nation of an election and representative government - Regime Change Only Change Regime

March 2022:

Archived link:

This is not the Varadkar of 15 years ago.

I think sodomy, with all it’s partner swopping, partner sharing, and just being told to bend over or kneel down repeatedly…turns you socialist.

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How’s things over at Intel? #BlackNovember 🇮🇪 Job Loss Projection + Tracking

UBI for 2023. When the shot really hits.

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