Countdown To The Departure of Bumblebore Reilly

When will he go?

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  • Never - The Reason Why Those Big Balls Swing Is They Are Made of Brass

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So when will Forty Explanations Reilly resign or be sacked?

I’ve been away for a while.
Can someone give me a (very) brief synopsis as to what it’s all about ?

I voted 2 weeks but knowing Irish politics he’ll probably brazen it out and then top the poll in his constituency come the next election.

Edit: Brutal spelling (as usual)

Roisin did up a list of a couple of hundred areas for the primary care units, a list of 20 was prepared by Roisin and given to Reilly, he then added another 15, within that 15 were 2 of his constituencies, they were previously rated as number 44 and 100 and something, yet they made it to the list of 35.

Roisin left, Reilly bumbled and then it was discovered that one of the primary care centers in his location was to be built on a site owned by someone who he didn’t know, some developer, non existent friendship explained here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=46985.


Thanks for that I wasn’t paying any attention either. Hope the country is learning. these are great lessons. We should not waste these times for informative change.

Eh? so he’s doing right by his consituents and his mates? Isn’t that why he was elected?

Good grief, what do you think democracy is for? :unamused: :wink:

Thanks for that.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

I don’t know who coined the phrase but, FG and FF are two cheeks of the same arse!!!

And unless he exposes his arse to a primary school class, his is staying where it is.

Paddy Power have opened a book

Leo Varadkar 2/1

Simon Coveney 7/2

Francis Fitzgerald 6/1

Eamon Gilmore 8/1

Joan Burton 10/1

tick tock, tick tock

please let gilmore be next

he is a pontificating excuse of a public servant

they wheel him out to just bore everyone into submission

This is what FF/FG are. Labour aren’t any better.

Not to defend Reilly… but…
There was a list drawn up.
Roisin and her gang rewrote the list.
They used new criteria such as adding more weight to, for example, more deprived areas (i.e. leftie voter areas).

So maybe Roisin pulled a stroke.
Reilly shrugged and figured he’d do the same.
Roisin bails before they were both called out.
Reilly can’t call her out without admitting guilt on his part.

Stroke politics all around.

I’m open to correction on this of course.


Who wants to move to Angola?

Reilly also seems to have ommitted to mention that a good friend of his owned the land on which the health yokes were to be built.

How anyone of intelligence can despise what Fianna Fáil stand/stood for while supporting Fine Gael is beyond me.

Zero difference whatsoever bar the fact that FF have had more chance to indulge themselves over the years.

Fintoin, despite being of the Labour Party bullshit brigade, hits the nail on the head in this paragraph… … tml?via=mr

FG never really hated FF. They just wanted to be FF. And now it seems, they are getting their wish…

Caught telling lies? A bit of a game changer…



:slight_smile: Promises don’t count as lies…

Damit Yogan, they were not lies, he just forgot what the truth was because he thought we might not like it, he was doing it for our own good!!!

Ha. I might use that one myself.

I voted 2 months. If there was a longer option I might have gone for it. There’ll be a reshuffle at some stage but will Kenny really move one of his strongest supporters when there was a heave against himself. Actually probably not. Well my vote is cast anyway.

That’s not how it went down. There were 338 sites idenitifed, Reilly, Roisin and the HSE drew up a list of criteria and using that agreed criteria Roisin and the HSE identified 20 sites, The list was forwarded to Reilly where he added 15, 2 of the 15 were assessed and placed 44th and 127th on the original list of 338. These ended up in the additional 15.

He claimed that 5 years ago the 2 sites in question, were identified in the top 35 and claimed that under “Roisins” new criteria (agreed by him) that they lost out - but this isn’t true as it was discovered that they originally had those rankings in June last year before Shorthall changed the orignal criteria from 5 years ago. She complained that Reilly added thses without explanation or justifcation.

Reilly said:

But he never asked her or made her aware of what he was doing and why he changed the criteria, you have to ask in this case about the validity of the first 20 sites, how would they fare under the changed criteria?

He went behind her back, he undermined the exercise and he undermined her. They agreed on a set of criteria and when the results didn’t suit him he simply changed the goalposts.

I can’t see him going, he has Enda’s ear.

He is the wrong person in this job, he’s the great footballer who has spent years criticising the manager and saying he’d do a better job.