Country Tom CIF & NAMA

Did I just hear Tom Parlon saying on Monring Ireland that thers is 5 Billion set aside in NAMA to finish out projects !
CIF are licking their lips, and perfect timing after their long holidays.
Start up the jcbs… boys, I wonder when the tent will be back.

Tom says thers no indication developers have hidden their assets off shore… honest as the day is long the lot of them.

Tom says the pood developers have lost on te investment.

Tom comes straight out anti-Green… saying NAMA agency should not be burdened with implementing the Green ‘social intiative aspect’ of the bailout. That NAMA will have far more important business to attend to and shouldnt be bothered with the petty socail/green aspects of the implementation, he says that should be left to the Dept of Environment…etc
So Gormley/Ryan there you have it, a straight affront to your hard earned ‘30 pieces of silver’.

Bank shares up…CIF happy…RTE singing from the hymm sheet… normal service has been resumed.

Ah Tom you won’t be left with a society to rape after this … you’ll be building for nothing living in a country not worth living in.

Maybe we should get the Chinese in to finish the projects:

Perhaps they are using Chinese prisoners for the labour? I’ve heard tell of this practice in Africa.

Chinese migrants bussed in, tents on the building site & food (rice) trucked in. Sure it can be done cheap! There was a case in London a few years ago, an Indian company got the contract to restore the stone facade of a building and they imported the workers and paid them Indian rates for the job.

Undercutting Polish labour by 60%, from an Irish competitve perspective, that is simply terrifying.

I know an Irish IT company that regulary contracts in labour from a contracting company in India.

They get shipped over here, housed and fed but are paid back home. Nobody bats an eyelid about this. Why would construction be any different?

Gormley in the Dail …and refereing directly to Tom Ps quotes on Radio
"one word for Tom Parlon and the CIF… keep your nose out of NAMA’
thats more than one word Gormless but sure your a fucking idiot anyways

looks like its open warfare CIF and Greens …

Because construction is unionised.

And now the problem arises where these “unionised employees” aren’t able to service debts they have built up based on the irish rates by working abroad at more competitive rates.

The IT sector by and large hasn’t been insulated from the rest of the globe and as a result I am likely to get a better rate when I leave for sunnier shores. The same can’t be said for a lot of folk I know who have no choice but to stay in Ireland coz in other countries apparently companies aren’t willing to pay them what they’re worth :slight_smile:

GAMA remember… :unamused:

How could we forget - rhymes with NAMA… :unamused:

All enshrined in Lisbon anyway, afaik. Nothing wrong with importing workers and paying them their national rate.

Country Tom should know that all he touches turns to cowshit; first the IFA - farm incomes falling by the day since his day, the PDs have passed away and now he’s head of a group of people who have nothing to do for no one who wants to pay for it.

Maybe he shouldn’t be so quick to knock the Greens’ social initiatives…

Any chance of mutual destruction here? 8DD

and all that comes out of his mouth is bullshit

So no change from the PD days then? 8)

From JG’s speech today. … his_bubble