Country Tom watch 2013-2014

He has been so quiet we will get two years and 10 posts out of this thread at most. So what has Irelands most useless high paid lobbyist been up to??

Government capital spending as a % of GDP inc EU topups , all time low for 50 years)
Housing starts per capita, all time low since the 1930s
Expenses bill and gourmet dinners ate as a % of Gross Construction Activity, all time high.
Salary and Pension and Car allowance expressed a % of his members turnover, all time high.

Never has a lobbyist delivered such useless outcomes and to cap it all the government won’t meet him any more or allow him a photo op.

Has anyone ever asked what happened to all the pension contributions?

But, but, but, but, but…

Tom, you see, is really, to use a phrase, “one of the lads”.
Actually, he’s one of the REAL lads.

A real, genuine builder.

Sure all builders know that activity is down.

It’s not fair to be blaming Tom for that. He’s always being doing his best for the CIF. Always. Who could doubt him.

He works tirelessly, both at home and abroad, with activity on local and international stages to promote the Irish construction industry.

Let’s not be hearing any more Country Tom bashing.

I’ll be having none of it.

Aside from Thornton Hall(€200,000 per acre) did anyone ever conduct a review of Toms spending while in government and who got the deals?

I thought his backround was farming. (which I supposed could also have been called amateur developer over the last decade)

Deres grate valu to be had in de market

Of course his background was farming.

But sure as all real builders know, farming is to building, like foundations are to walls. One does form a natural fit to the other.

There’s definitely something in that!