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The key to all this is for the government to release the details of its calculations on the costs of closing down Anglo vs. the costs of keeping it open.

All assumptions and options need to be put into the public domain.

Very True,but for this to occur we (de peeple) absolutely and definitely NEED to know what was said by whom and to whom at the late-night bankers club meeting with our Brian.

The longer the cabinet attempts to maintain it`s steely death-grip on the minutes of this meeting the greater the likelyhood of Eamon Gilmores “economic treason” charge has of being proven true.

The Irish Banking “system” per se is no longer possessed of any credibility and needs to come to terms with that before it can attempt to move on.

However from what we can glean from the actions of Mssrs Drumm,Fitzpatrick et al the prevalent attitude aong Senior Bankers is one of indifference and perhaps even contempt for those who now fund their continuing adventures.

The “systemic” relevance of Anglo Irish Bank,oft referred to by Government spokespersons may yet turn out to refer to a systemic importance to the ongoing wellbeing of the Fianna Fail party alone…It`s up to the Government to disprove this charge and releasing the details of* that* meeting is but the first step :frowning:

Unfortunately, we now have a second secret meeting of note to deal with. It appears that on 22 December, ‘somebody’ obtained permission from the EU for an emergency injection of 10.44 bn into Anglo and 2.7 bn into INBS. An emergency agreement to run for six months until 22 June. Might start a thread on it I suppose.

2 years on from the guarantee and we are as clueless as the true nature of what went on.

Why is that?

As kryptonite is to Superman the truth will kill Fianna Fail.

So the choice is simple what is it to be NAMA or the Children?

What future?

The government gave it away to the banks acouple of days ago suckers…

so i take it theres a general consensus that Anglo is being kept afloat to keep FF afloat. Im not living in the best place in the world but i cant get over how little protest there is on what is a death sentence for the irish economy. Joe Higgins and that woman all by herself protesting outside anglo seem to be the only ones abjecting to this bank takeover of the country. seeing that cement lorry outside an an anglo branch offers some hope that the Great unwashed are beginning to wake up.

Imagine what the French would be doing at this stage, i think everybody should go on strike, mortgage strike etc until the government falls.

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