County Wicklow


Anyone any experience of Wicklow commuter towns such as Wicklow Town, Arklow, Delgany, Rathnew etc and around? As places to live and also the nature of the commute to Dublin city centre?

Significant price drop in this particular property, in the region of 15 % since June.

Not a particularly nice house, quite possibly rented out before, but could a rapid 15% drop such as that signal that a bit of price movement is imminent in better houses in the general area?


Seems to be a much better house exactly the same distance from the train station for 10k less
Only a 3% drop in prices over the last 3 months.
I personally think it will be later in the year ,early next year before we see any significant drop in prices.
The lack of credit may however hasten this along.
Banks refusing mortgages to people on PUP and TWSS will see the value and volume of mortgage approval fall


As we saw last time, prices are very sticky on the way down. Especially this time round where people will be hoping that Vaccine + V-shaped recovery turns the last six months into a bad dream. People who don’t have to sell will be holding out. Capitulation could be a long way off.


Even with a vaccine the amount of economic scarring that has already happened is considerable
Those bills will have to be paid eventually


Thats a nicer house but only 2 bedrooms. Large potential to expand the 3 bed one into the side garden as well but the house needs a lot of work and is still quite overpriced imo.

Ive been watching the commuter belt as I think the move to working from home means Im likely not going to need to be in Dublin more than twice or three times per fortnight and commute is doable on that basis, especially if similar scenario across the board means less traffic on the road.

Theres no comparison in terms of what youll get compared to whats on offer in Dublin. This place in Avoca for example

Id have a preference for Wicklow above Kikdare Meath or Louth as I like hill walking and general outdoors stuff. Agree that theres probably not much going to happen until after Christmas but as per the example in the OP there are quite a few drops recorded on the Myhome price drops function already, mainly in the region of 5 % to 8% or so. So lets see.

In terms of locations such as Arklow, Wicklow Town or indeed anywhere else in the county (see Avoca above), anyone have any knowledge of how they compare in terms of facilities and general quality of life? Im a Dub and have spent a lot of time abroad over the past decade so not too clued in to these places.


Thats a nice property even though its out of the way a bit .
15 min drive to either Rathdrum or Arklow train station