Court action to challenge the Vaccine Pass



Court action to challenge the Vaccine Pass

We need YOU to join the fight against the VACCINE pass.

We are the first business in Ireland to challenge the vaccine pass on the grounds of discrimination and breach of privacy law.

We believe that this divisive law is legally, morally, and ethically wrong. It discriminates against people who may not be able to get a vaccine or choose not to get a vaccine. It raises serious privacy law (GDPR) concerns about the processing of private sensitive health data. This law is dividing friends and families and risks destroying the entire social fabric of Irish society.

Due to our refusal to comply, we have been constantly inspected by HSE Compliance Officers. We were served with a Compliance Notice on 20th August and brought to the District Court on numerous occasions. Our business was even shut for two days in September following an application by the HSE for an emergency cessation order. On 4th October the District Judge ruled that he did not have to address the issue of discrimination as the Compliance Notice issued by the HSE was worded in a way that meant that we did not have to prevent people from entering.

We have since been overwhelmed with the massive level of support that we have received because of our refusal to comply with this discriminatory law. A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you as it has been truly inspiring to know that our supporters are as committed and passionate as we are in this fight to challenge injustice and inequality.

This is only the start of the push back against discriminatory laws. We received a letter from the HSE on 14th October that they intend to start inspecting our restaurant again as there has been further complaints of non-compliance.

We intend to now challenge this discriminatory law to the Higher Court.

The use of vaccine passes to give individuals exclusive access to rights and services raises numerous human rights questions, privacy issues, is divisive and wrong!. If we do not challenge it now the State could use it indefinitely as a ‘tool’ not only against the unvaccinated but also to ensure uptake of boosters amongst the vaccinated. In Israel the ‘Green Pass’ is now only issued to those who take the boosters! This affects each and everyone of us and our children.

We need you!

Follow the link to make a donation.

Thank you for taking action to be part of this challenge. We are in this together!

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Just watching a video from Tracey O’Mahoney now… she’s concerned that the case will be looking at testing as an option. Tracey feels this will still enable introduction of a digital passport, and also that the testing would probably end up being done by the private security firms that Leo has been talking about in recent interviews.


Bill Gates 🥸 donated €5! :grin:


The donations are piling in which is good to see. The more challenges the better no? They are nearly at 69K, after 4 days, so if the pace keeps up they should hit there target in 7/8 days if the pace keeps up.


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Some 2 day old breakingnews! today, of what you already knew

Just pipped €72K