Court bid to repossess €6m Ballsbrige home of O'Mahony

Court bid to repossess €6m Ballsbrige home of Priory Hall’s O’Mahony - Ray Managh → … 51142.html

Indeed, it can hardly be his PPR if he is resident in the UK now…

Nicely played if I do say so myself… surely a family trust should have been set up to avoid this :slight_smile: … 52224.html

not bad, no mortgage paid in 3 years while his family lived there during this period. Any more mortgage/rent free gaff’s going on Shrewsbury Rd…I’d fancy a bit of that action!

The court heard that the last payment on the mortgages was made in 2010 and €6.5m was still outstanding on the debt.
Ms Connolly said she had resided at the house since December 1999 and had married Mr O’Mahony in June 2004.
Mr O’Mahony said his wife, who lives in the house with the couple’s three children, had a significant equitable interest in the family home.

Interesting, thank you.

Does this mean that if the creditors are not involved in the UK bankruptcy, then debts to them do not form part of the process? … 50029.html
LAURENCE O’Mahony, his wife Christine Connolly and their three children will not be spending Christmas at the luxury €6m home taken off them earlier this week by NAMA.
Judge Jacqueline Linnane on Tuesday granted National Asset Loan Management Ltd a possession order against Mr O’Mahony for No 7 Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, and directed the family to quit their home before December 1.

tiny bit of slow justice…no-one in NAMA or their (our) dependents should live like this.

No mortgage paid since 2010…next time some chump denies the existence of strategic mortgage default , point them here. … -1.1593800

NAMA takes possession of bust developer’s €6m Dublin 4 home - → … 03870.html

Based on the recent sale of 2 Shrewsbury Road, I would be surprised if this got 6m?

I would be surprised if it got even over 4m?

Independent article on the 1999 sale of 7 Shrewsbury Road.
Semi-d on one third of an acre.

2 Shrewsbury Road was on 0.8 of acre with large period detached structure for 4.6m

#2 flipped for €6.5m

Not a bad profit for 10 months.