Courtown Wexford Stabbing Street Brawl Chaos

This location looks familiar from a previous video maybe last year with Derek Blighe and Philip Dwyer outside on the street.

Looks like some chaos possibly someone bad injured baldy, maybe after being stabbed.

I can tell you all now the Gardai do not have the manpower for this.
Not in the cities with numerous 24hour stations but especially in rural areas with sparse 24hour station covering large areas with very small units.

Investigating large incidents would consume resources that do not exist. How many witnesses there that you would need to sit down with to interview? Take an hour each per person and add time for compiling all, assessment, creating a file etc. That is at least 1 resource tied to an office/interview room. Who must be available for witnesses turning up. Including the times they do not turn up.

Then if they actually won`t turn up and you need to track people down and arrest them…

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No kiddin’ but wait a minute… there be plenty of resources in Mullingar to enabled another foreign forces stronghold in a Army Barracks no less - here is the asymmetrical warfare.

the money is all thrown at endless NGOs

Give it a few years and the ‘unfair racial targetting or ethnic groups’ by the Gardai, as evidenced by the statistics of course, will yield cries of ‘defund the Gardai’

Who would join the Gardai now? It used to be what was considered a good job.
It is actually unfair that the people inviting this disaster upon Ireland will be safe in their beds while others deal with this.

The Gardai need to tread carefully around protests. The average Garda on the front line units would know more than most that the protests are in their best interests. It`ll be the senior, government appointed ranks, that do the bidding of the politicians.

Comments picking up on audible “german”, implying these people have previously been in Germany.

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A picture paints…

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Yep, the higher ups are directing the show, leads straight back to government. I have always had a huge problem with senior garda positions being political appointments.

If those gardai being led about had any brains they would break ranks or at least suddenly all feel the need to go home sick. Otherwise they run the risk of becoming deeply unpopular. They will also end up having to deal with a Swedish like situation partially of their own making. With less resources than the Swedish police.

There is likely a few who believe the far right nonsense being sprouted. Remember people are very good at stretching things to justify their own position or the position they find themselves in.

But the point is true. The Gardai are a poorly equipped and manned police force. They do not havethe resources for what is coming and for what is just starting to happen.

The gardai can mostly get away with being a mediocre police force in what is a largely peaceful country. A vacuum will form for the protection of the public. The gardai will not be up to the job. Their best interests would be in prevention not in ensuring sweden 2.0 happens.

I guess alot of people, gardai included, just do not realise the danger. Otherwise there would be protests that would dwarf the water protests.

The swamping of Ireland is only happening because it is allowed to. The people hold the power, maybe they dont realise? There is not a chance the Gardai could force the governments agenda if the population took a stance such as that mentioned in the tweet about blockading hotels.

Meantime also in Courtown, the locals head to the food bank.

Still, they are in Ireland(wealthiest GDP in the World, me love you long time)*tm